Fleece pants + Shirt refashion

I finally figured out something to do with the leftover fleece from baby boy’s soakers.  I found a tutorial over at fleecefun.com for some too cute boutique-style fleece pants.

boutique-style pants from www.fleecefun.com
boutique-style pants from http://www.fleecefun.com

I had to make a pair for Curly Cutie.  I used the size 5/6 pattern for her.  She still could have used another inch in length.  Pretty tall one I have over here.  I also opted not to add lace trim around the bottom.

pics37 147b

The pants just sat around for a little bit while I figured out what to do for a top.

We recently said good-bye to our neighbor as she moved out of the neighborhood.  It was definitely bitter sweet.  We did not want to see her go, but we knew the move was a good one for her.  She lived alone, and was getting up in age.  It was such a pleasure getting to know her and her children.  She would often come over and ask if Curly Cutie could come for a visit.  CC loved these moments because she knew yummy snacks would be involved.  I believe my neighbor is the reason CC likes plants and bird feeders today.  She would help watering the plants and refilling the feeders so the birds could eat.

My neighbor’s daughter knows that I sew and offered me several boxes of clothing hoping I could make use of the fabric.  Well, that’s exactly what I did.  I found a shirt in the box that I thought would make a wonderful top for CC’s boutique fleece pants.  It just needed a little tweaking.  I loved its nautical vibe.

collage nautical

CC is pretty much hilarious.  I asked her if I could snap a few pics of her outfit.  She obliged.  She thought it would be a nice touch to grab her upcycled t-shirt scarf for a pic or two.  The bottom-middle pic was taken as she was telling me that she was done taking pictures.  Lol.  That was a wrap.

One day, we plan to go visit our neighbor at her new home.  CC will wear her refashioned shirt, and hopefully she will notice something familiar.

And this is how we’re clothing Curly Cutie the easy way.


13 thoughts on “Fleece pants + Shirt refashion

  1. I love these pants. I just might have to try something like this for Brooke. The striped top was a perfect match and, of course, I love how you refashioned it!! 🙂 You managed to snap a few good photos, I know that’s not an easy thing to do with a busy little girl. Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Oh yes, you must make some for Brooke! You’d have them done in no time at all. I think she would love them too. I was so glad when I found that striped shirt in the box. Once inspiration hits, it’s on! You have a great Sunday too my friend. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Tamika, those fleece pants are darling — was actually thinking they’d be kinda cute and kicky in an adult size. 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how bountifully God provides when we open our eyes and sewing baskets?! Great “re-make” and CC is an adorable model!

  3. cute pants – and fleece is so quick and easy to sew. I made a really cute baby hat for a friend from the fleecefun site this week – it took about 10 minutes and looked fantastic!

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