A heart for MY heart

Well, it’s week 4 of Project Run and Play Season 6.  This week we were to create a Valentine inspired look.

I definitely wanted to go with a shirt and skirt for Curly Cutie.  I learned from making this outfit that CC looks good in stripes.  I decided on a striped tank and a paper bag skirt.

paper bag waist

I had no clue this style was called a paper bag skirt.  The name works.  It takes me back to the days of going to the corner store to get penny candy.  $1 went a mighty long way.  Lol.  And my paper bag would get all crumpled towards the top.  No folding, trying to be prim and proper, was necessary.  You just snatched that bag up and went on to enjoy your cavity inducing goodness.

I did have one problem with this outfit idea though.  No striped fabric on hand to use.  So, I set out to make some.  Maybe this was me being a little extra, I don’t know, but I had to see if I could make it happen.  So, quite naturally, I went through my stash to find my next victims.

shirt collage

Pink and white would be used for the stripes and yellow for the accent color.  I cut the pink and white shirts into 1″ strips.  Alternating colors, I joined them together using a serger.  I discovered two cool things.  One, when I flipped the sewn strips over and pressed the seams in towards the pink strip it created a smooth front and back.  Two, when the stripes were facing right side up the pink stripes look slightly raised creating a bit of texture.  I continued joining strips together until it was long enough to make a shirt front.  I knew I wouldn’t have enough to make a back too because the pink shirt had applique details on the front.  I was cool with that.  So, I decided to make the back of the shirt yellow.

shirt collage2

The yellow shirt was also used for the heart applique on the front of the tank.  I knew I didn’t want a design with a lot of hearts on it, so I kept it simple and added a single heart.  Curly Cutie is definitely MY heart, so this design is fitting.

skirt collage

I used this easy tutorial of Kim’s over at Oh, Sweet Joy to make the skirt.  I salvaged the fabric from a pair of denim capris.  This is a light weight denim, so it’s not bulky at all.  I almost looked over this pair because of the print towards the bottom of the legs.  I knew I would need most of the material to make the skirt and that print was throwing me off.  I decided to go ahead with making the skirt and I just positioned the fabric so the design would show through at the back of the skirt and not the front.  I also used the inside of the capris for the outside of the skirt.  I think it turned out decent.  I used some yardage I had on hand for the belt which I think is such a cute accent.

This outfit is a definite winner for CC.  She said, “Mom, I am so loving my Valentine’s day outfit.  Thank you so much!”  I was too thrilled.


full body collage

I just can’t get enough of upcycling.  That’s a wrap!

*Extra:  I made CC a dark gray one too.  A girl needs options, right?

gray paper bag skirt


18 thoughts on “A heart for MY heart

    1. Thanks so much! I really try to keep things very simple, and inspiration is everywhere. I decide on something, then try to figure out how I can bring it to life using the things I have. I really appreciate these times though, because the day will come when I am no longer limited to just what I have on hand. So, if I can get my creativity flowing and gain some skills now….there will be no stopping me when the supplies are without limit. Lol!

    1. Thanks Heather! I had to go and check out all the sewing projects you’ve posted on your blog. Seeing the studio quilt you recently posted about made me want to see more! They are unique and adorable. Those color schemes would be great for tote bags too. I stopped by your etsy shop too. You are pretty much amazing! Definitely keeping up with your blog. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Very sweet Kristin, thank you kindly! You know there were some stripes a little thicker in places than others, but I like the imperfections. Gives me the feeling of handmade. I felt like I definitely accomplished what I set out to do. I really appreciate your comment. I checked out your outfit, and that baby is a doll. That vintage top is super sweet!

    1. Thanks so much Beth! When I only allow myself to use what is already in my possession, it really causes me to think. I was kinda surprised my little idea worked, and happy with the result. Thanks for commenting!

  1. I love the outfit you made for your daughter! I can imagine how much she loves it too, even more so because her mom made it with love.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

    1. Thanks so much Brandi. She definitely did like it and wanted to wear it for the rest of that day and the next. Lol. I don’t quite remember how I found your blog, but I’m glad I did. So, I’ll be back.

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