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Curly Cutie’s object color palettes

color palettes

We  were sitting at the table going over a lesson for school when inspiration hit.  On the table, my daughter (age 6) pointed out a green piece of fabric, green toy car and a green crayon.  She looked at me and said, “Mom, look at this color palette.  I have an idea.  We can make several of these using different colors.  This would help baby boy (age 2) learn his colors.”  What a sweet idea.  I told her it was fabulous and we should work on it during quiet time.  That was a pretty big deal for me, because I do enjoy my down time but saw this as an opportunity to encourage her creativity.  I suggested we take photos of her creations (to the best of our ability of course).  We scoured the house for items that fit into the color categories she chose.  She would arrange the items for one color while I took pics of another.  We went back and forth in that manner until each color had been photographed.  I’m learning so much about how she processes information and what she values about her work process.  I did make suggestions about object placement for the photos.  We had lots of fun.  Now we just have to figure out what to do with the pictures.

color palettes-redcolor palettes-orangecolor palettes-yellowcolor palettes-greencolor palettes-bluecolor palettes-purplecolor palettes-browncolor palettes-blackcolor palettes-whitecolor palettes-pinkAny suggestions?  Let me know!


Paint on Canvas

Curly Cutie is quite the character.  If you are not familiar, just read a few of these conversations.  It is so interesting to see our children’s personalities develop and blossom.  Curly Cutie is quite the artist too.  She often enjoys showing me her artwork after it’s freshly created.  I’m sure she enjoys the big smile that comes over my face, and the “you are pretty much amazing” that comes out of my mouth.  I’m so thankful for these moments.  I come away from the “you know you’re supposed to pick that up” or  “why are you doing that” moments.  I can celebrate her.

One day she brings her work over for me to have a look.

She told me they were party balloons.  I was like, “hey!”  My face must have lit up like a Christmas tree.  I thought her artwork was really neat.  I loved her selection of colors, and the simplicity of the layout.  Instantly I knew we had to do something else with this piece.

Later on that evening, she let her dad have a look.  Immediately he said, “You should paint that on a canvas.”  That’s it.  I wanted to see her do something else with it, and she loves to get in paint.

The supplies were gathered and Curly Cutie was ready to go.

I provided a bit of coaching and helped her with the placement of the circles.  Then, I turned her loose.  It seemed like she was enjoying the process.  I could hear her talking about what she wanted to do with all the colors.  After a while,  her project was complete.

Pretty nice.  She was excited.  I was excited.  Up on the wall it went.