Denim Quilt

I think it is high time that I try my hand at a denim quilt.

We were given a surplus of girl jeans from a dear friend.  We set aside a few pair for Curly Cutie to wear, and decided the remainder would be used to construct a denim quilt.

Right now we are still in the planning phase, but I’m a little excited about it so I thought I would share the progress.

I spent some time one evening salvaging every piece of denim I could from the jeans.




I mean, I showed them no mercy.  Lol.  Confession:  I even have plans to use the elastic from the jeans used to adjust the waist size.

Here is the pile of scraps.




After that I started playing around with different layouts with the denim.  I did not take pictures of all the arrangements, but I did happen to snap one.




I thought it would be cool to have the denim colors increase in value.  Don’t know that I’ll settle on this layout, but I do like it a lot.


Have you done anything with denim before?


4 thoughts on “Denim Quilt

  1. Tamika, your pile of scraps photo was blue jean art! I like your light to dark gradient, too — looks like water… aahhhh. Will be fun to see the finished result! The one and only time I ever made a blue jean quilt was in the 70’s (A.D.!) and I cut the legs “whole” and alternated them top to bottom, bottom to top because that was the era of bell bottoms, ha! Unfortunately, I no longer have it — I hope my high school boyfriend still likes it. 🙂

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