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Fleece pants + Shirt refashion

I finally figured out something to do with the leftover fleece from baby boy’s soakers.  I found a tutorial over at fleecefun.com for some too cute boutique-style fleece pants.

boutique-style pants from www.fleecefun.com
boutique-style pants from http://www.fleecefun.com

I had to make a pair for Curly Cutie.  I used the size 5/6 pattern for her.  She still could have used another inch in length.  Pretty tall one I have over here.  I also opted not to add lace trim around the bottom.

pics37 147b

The pants just sat around for a little bit while I figured out what to do for a top.

We recently said good-bye to our neighbor as she moved out of the neighborhood.  It was definitely bitter sweet.  We did not want to see her go, but we knew the move was a good one for her.  She lived alone, and was getting up in age.  It was such a pleasure getting to know her and her children.  She would often come over and ask if Curly Cutie could come for a visit.  CC loved these moments because she knew yummy snacks would be involved.  I believe my neighbor is the reason CC likes plants and bird feeders today.  She would help watering the plants and refilling the feeders so the birds could eat.

My neighbor’s daughter knows that I sew and offered me several boxes of clothing hoping I could make use of the fabric.  Well, that’s exactly what I did.  I found a shirt in the box that I thought would make a wonderful top for CC’s boutique fleece pants.  It just needed a little tweaking.  I loved its nautical vibe.

collage nautical

CC is pretty much hilarious.  I asked her if I could snap a few pics of her outfit.  She obliged.  She thought it would be a nice touch to grab her upcycled t-shirt scarf for a pic or two.  The bottom-middle pic was taken as she was telling me that she was done taking pictures.  Lol.  That was a wrap.

One day, we plan to go visit our neighbor at her new home.  CC will wear her refashioned shirt, and hopefully she will notice something familiar.

And this is how we’re clothing Curly Cutie the easy way.


The Blessing – July 14

So, I am working my way through a book by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend entitled “Boundaries – When to say yes, when to say no to take control of your life”.  How sobering for me this has been.  It’s been interesting to see the areas where I’ve instituted healthy boundaries without even knowing.  On the other hand, to see those areas where the effects of improper boundaries are manifest is another story.  So glad to be working through some of this stuff.

For example:  Saying “no” when I should be saying “yes”, and saying “yes” when I should be saying “no”.  I have sometimes found myself repeatedly giving my daughter a “no” at her requests to have or do something when there was no real reason why she should have been denied.  On the other hand,  I would say yes to requests of others knowing it was not a wise decision.

Two things in operation here:

1.  Some of my yes’s have been motivated by guilt.  Saying “no” to other people would make me feel bad, especially since I feel others have been so kind to me.   The least I can do is pay it back.  Right?  No, not right at all.  This giving is not motivated by love.  So, my “yes” was an attempt to feel good again.

2.  Some of my no’s were a result of envy.  My tendency has been towards introspection.  From a young age I learned that my needs were just not that important (although this is not truth).  I didn’t do much asking then, and am realizing that I still have a hard time asking for what I need today.  How does this play into me telling my daughter “no”.  Well, I’ve realized that her requests are her attempts to get her needs/wants met.  One day I really had to ask myself why I was telling her “no” so much.  I could find no logical reason, but could clearly see she would get upset and I would feel triggered by the constant asking.  My daughter is learning to ask for what she wants/needs because she has a history of them being met…..something I didn’t learn to do.  In essence, my heart would resent those requests because my daughter was doing something I would not.  Ask.  Woa, kinda hurts to type that.  So, I am learning to come out of passivity and create boundaries by asking, seeking, and knocking (Matthew 7:7-8).  And of course, I can meet my daughter’s requests with a yes and a smile, especially if there is no potential harm to her or others.

Man, God teaches us so much through our children.

I figure it’s only fitting to bless my family with healthy boundaries.

Husband, daughter and son: (taken from book)

I bless you in the development of: Physical boundaries that help you determine who may touch you and under what circumstances, Mental boundaries that give you freedom to have your own thoughts and opinions, Emotional boundaries that help you deal with  your own emotions and disengage from the harmful, manipulative emotions of others, and Spiritual boundaries that help you distinguish God’s will from your own and give you renewed awe for your Creator.

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The Blessing – March 7

Husband – I thank God for allowing you to see another year.  I bless you with fresh vision for the days ahead.  May you know faith in a greater way this year.

Daughter – You are gentle and kind.  Your sensitive spirit allows you to be aware of the needs of those around you.  I bless you with balance as you learn to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Son – I bless you to grow strong and mighty in body, soul and spirit.  I thank God for His continued provision for you.

If I could only remember, at all times, how powerful words are, maybe I wouldn’t have to apologize so much for saying dumb stuff.  I mean, once it’s out there – it’s out there.  I’m so glad that life-giving words with right actions following can overcome a lot of dumb stuff. 

From the days of Abraham to the present, Jewish people have employed the principle of the blessing.  From my understanding, blessing their children was apart of their weekly worship time.  The blessing is also used at another significant time, in celebration of the passage from childhood to adulthood.  It’s a big deal, and these celebrations definitely rise to the importance of the occasion.

And again, one definition of THE BLESSING is a combination of words and actions that paints a permanent picture in a person’s soul.  To bless another is to give them honor, praise, importance, and to lift them up, encourage them, and embolden them for a better life. 

Parents and grandparents lay hands on the children and bless them.

They call their children out. 

They call them into adulthood.  Into manhood.  Into womanhood 

They don’t wait for the world to tell them that they can do whatever they are big and bad enough to do because they are 18.  Or that although they confer adulthood upon themselves they really have no ability to make sound decisions because their brains won’t even be fully developed until age 26 (or whatever age this supposedly happens). 

At 12 or 13 they are being celebrated and welcomed into adulthood, being made aware of its responsibilities and privileges (and given opportunities to walk in them). 

I wonder what would happen if we stopped viewing children as little people who don’t matter much because they’re too young and inexperienced to really understand how the world works and do anything about it.  Should we move them from being seen and not heard to being seen and heard?  On second thought, maybe not.  Quiet time is my friend.  I will institute a quiet time with the quickness when I’m in the car with Curly Cutie.  They don’t have to talk all the time – do they?  I mean, sometimes I can hardly get a word in edgewise.  Quiet time ensures that there is peace for all mankind in my home. 

Some may think it’s strange or downright foolish to expect 13 year olds to act like adults.  Well, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jewish people have found great success in this world (finance, science, etc.) because THE BLESSING is passed down from generation to generation.  Fathers and mothers bless their children who then go out into the world and excel.

I wonder what would happen if young girls were celebrated the first time Aunt Flow came to town.  Which seems to be younger and younger these days.  Makes me wonder if it’s the stuff in the food we’re eating.  I don’t know.  Maybe there wouldn’t be so much shame, or maybe they would know, appreciate and value what their bodies actually have the capability of doing.  Maybe it would do no good at all and my blurb on this topic only serves as proof that I’m still a bit on edge because I was welcomed into this time of my life by a plastic bag of sanitary napkins kindly delivered through a male cousin.  Figure that one out. 

Day 67 for my family and the blessing.  My mind has already gone to thinking about how we will celebrate their transition into adulthood if it is the Lord’s will.  Someone has to come into agreement with what’s on God’s heart and what He is saying about the generations we are raising.  Here is to hoping I will clearly hear His voice and respond in faith concerning those in my home and those whose paths I cross.

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Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 9)





Cc:  Mom, I want you to do your hair.
Me:  Really?  Why?
Cc:  Because you are looking dry and you need to moisturize.  You don’t need to be going outside looking dry like that.
Me:  Lol, ok baby.  (Funny thing is, my hair did lack moisture at the time.  But man, who wants to be told by their 4 year old that they look “whack”?  Lol!)


(It was bed time and CC tried all she could to keep from sleeping in her bed)
Cc:  Mom and Dad, do you guys want to sleep in my room tonight?  Not like a camp-out or anything, but just so we can all be together.
Dad:  Not tonight baby.
Cc:  Can you just sleep in here then dad?
Dad:  No baby
Cc:  Can I sleep in you and mom’s bed?
Dad:  No
Cc:  Can  I sleep on the floor in your room?
Dad:  No.
Cc:  Can I sleep in the living room?
Dad:  No
Cc:  Well dad, I don’t know what else to tell you.
Dad:  I know.  Now good night.
Me:  Lol!


Cc:  Mom, I’m so sorry that you had to talk to  me so much today.
Me:  I don’t mind talking if it’s necessary.
Cc:  Well, maybe tomorrow we can try for a better tone.
Me:  (too tired to laugh for this was after bath time.  All I could do was look at her as she continued to talk)
Cc:  You know, I was reading this article the other day talking about how adults talk loud to their children, and I don’t really like that.
Me:  (again, too tired to laugh.  She was so serious.)


Cc:  Mom, who fed you when you were a baby?
Me:  My mom.
Cc:  Did she breastfeed you, or did you drink from a bottle?
Me:  A bottle.
Cc:  Your mom didn’t breastfeed you at all?
Me:  No.
Cc:  Not even a little bit?
Me:  No.
Cc:  She doesn’t have breasts?
Me:  LOL!!!  Yes, she does.


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Picture this.

And you will have to picture it because there are no pictures in this post.

I am overwhelmed.

Woke up this morning praising God.


I see my Father.

See Him coming.

See Him running for ALL His children to come.

Let EVERYONE come.

Deaf ears are opening!

Blind eyes are seeing!

They got up

They get up.

Legs are moving!

Lungs breathe clearly!

Hearts are strengthened!

Sound minds returning!

EVERY disease……EVERY disease is running, fleeing!


Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 6)


(while having a snack and participating in our first multiple family garage sale)

Cc:  Oh mom, these pistachios are soooo good!  I feel like they are stretching into my soul!
Me, Mallory & Carrie:  LOL!!!!


(CC crawls up into the bed with me around nap time)

Cc:  Oh mom, I just wanna lay by you.
Me:  ( as I rub her back) And why is that?
Cc:  You are just so salty mom.
Me:  Lol!


(doorbell rings)

Cc:  Dad, I can get the door for you.
Dad:  You go ahead and finish your lunch.
Cc:  Remember how I told you that “finish” is a pretty strong word?
Me:  Lol!


(I’m sure I had just given her some type of instruction.  I guess it was something she didn’t quite want to do at that moment.  I just can’t recall what it was.)

Cc:  mom, do you remember when you were a child and I was the adult……and I used to tell you what to do?
Me:  No, I don’t remember that.
Cc:  Well, yes you do because I told you you were supposed to say nice things to people.
Me:  Lol!


(we recently went for an evening walk.  On our way up the hill we saw the sun setting.  On our way back down the hill, the sun had gone down completely.)

Me:  Look, the sun is gone.
Cc:  Oh yeah, it is.
Me:  Do you know there’s this saying, “The sun rises in the East and sets in the West?”
Cc:  No.
Me:  Do you remember what day of creation God made the sun for the day and the moon for the night?
Cc:  Um…….yep I remember…..it was Juneteenth!  That’s when God made the sun.
Me:  LOL!!  Juneteenth!  That wasn’t quite the answer I was looking for.  Lol.
Cc:  Lol!

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7 month update

This has been the longest I’ve gone without making a post I think.  I’ve kinda missed this thing.  Life is always happening, and I’m glad to be here.

well, month 7 is in “full waddle swing”.  I’m doing well to “keep my center” folks.  The belly is getting pretty big.  Lol!

Bam!  There it is!  And don’t be like, “what belly?” like some have.  In person, this thing would be knocking you and anything close to it right over.  It knocks “curly cutie” around constantly.  I mean, can I wash dishes at the kitchen sink without constantly bumping into the sides?  Nope.

Recently, I was thinking about how different this pregnancy is from my first.  There are things I do now that I’ve never done before, like……..drink coffee.  I can’t even believe I just typed that.  Coffee was so not on my “things to drink” list.  I’m a tea kinda gal all the way.  However, time and space do bring about change.  Now, for some strange reason………I like it.  I really like it.  Then there’s this other thing…….

my beloved fried egg with secret spices!  Ok, the spices really aren’t a secret, I just don’t know what to call one of them.  I think you call the main spice Zaater.  The only other two seasonings I use are garlic salt and cracked pepper.  This baby is fried in a skillet with a “teench” of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  And just call me happy!  Gotta have it almost every day.  The whole house has been converted.  We have never gone through a carton of eggs this quick.

In other news, switch to the new doc was a success.  From what I’ve seen, she is my kinda gal.  Kind, gentle, and knows her stuff.  Not to mention, the hospital has a birthing tub!  Woot!  Some of you know that I really wanted to try a “home birth” this go ’round.  That didn’t quite work out, but I think that working with this doc and her staff will get me the closest I can possibly get to a natural birth although it will be in a hospital.  I even made a birth plan.  I feel like I was “out to lunch” during my first pregnancy.  I didn’t know nothing about nothing.  How do you like that sentence?  But boy, God sure saw me through that.  I ended up being induced with “curly cutie”, and was happy to do it.  I didn’t know any better.  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being induced.  In my case, it just was not necessary.  I already had my induction date midway into the pregnancy.  A good amount of inductions do lead to c-sections.  I was in labor a few hours (I guess), and after 3 pushes she was here and loud.  Lol!  I consider myself fortunate not to have had to go to surgery.  Back to the birth plan.  Now, I am not one of those moms will get upset if things don’t go exactly how I’ve laid them out in my plan.  It is just a list of things I hope to see happen during labor and delivery.  I’m glad to be going in with a little bit more knowledge than I had the last time.

I have made my requests known, and the only other thing I need to do is trust God.  He is TOTALLY responsible for me……spirit, soul, and body.  I believe that.

Let’s see what else.

– cloth wipes are pretty much done

– decided to hold off on making a  lot of the baby items.  The shower is coming up and I’m sure I’ll have plenty.  I’ve just been super excited about adding more items to my “I know how to sew a…” category.  The time will come when I’ll be able to get to some of these things.  Hey, maybe even sell them.  I have made some items that are quite beautiful.

– working on a special surprise to be presented to “curly cutie” at the baby shower.  You all will absolutely love it.

– received a glider chair, would like to re-cover the cushion.

– have a list of freezer meals just waiting to be prepared.  Waiting for a deep freezer.

– plans are underway to make a table and chair set for “curly cutie’s ” room.  If you guys have not checked out the free woodworking plans at http://www.ana-white.com, you need to head on over and see what Mrs. White has been up to.  The woman is bad (that really means good).  Now, y’all know with my background in Tech Theatre, that I have a “little builder” on the inside of me.  This woman’s plans speak to that builder.  Lol!  She is good  at what she does, and shows you how to build furniture very similar to what you could find at a well known store with only paying a fraction of the cost.  Case in point……

This is the table/chair combo I speak of.  I think this table would be perfect for the kids’ room.  Maybe a couple of them even.  So, here’s the deal.  Ana made the table for about $17.  Each chair came in at less than $4.  If I bought the wood on sale at the lowest price I’ve seen at one of my local stores, I would be paying close to $10 for the table and less than $3 for each chair.  This does not include tools or finishing items (primer and paint).  Tell me that’s not a deal.  This is what makes me cringe at the thought of spending $100+ for children’s furniture when it can be made for considerably less.  All my husband wants to know is its ETA (estimated time of arrival).  Yeah, I made him a believer when he came home from an out-of-town trip one day to a freshly painted accent wall in the bedroom, and a custom made headboard for the bed.  So, let’s see if we can make this happen before baby.

Wheww, this post is long.  Was that enough update for you?  I hope all is well where you are.  Until next time.

Update:  Read about my  birthing experience here.

Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 5)





me:  Lol.  You are so funny!
cc:  You are funny mom.
me:  You think I’m funny?
cc:  No, not really.
me:  Lol! (I thought to myself, “what am I going to do with this child?”)


(curly cutie goes on a trip with her dad once a year.  Just the two of them.  During one of our conversations while they were away, she told me about the exciting things she received for her birthday.)

cc:  Momma, guess what?
me:  What baby?
cc:  Granny gave me presents for my birthday.
me:  Oh, yeah?  What did you get?
cc:  She gave me socks, a princess dress, a pink hat……
Mm:  Oh really?  Wow!
cc:  I was hoping for diamonds though.
me:  LOL!!!!!
cc:  lol.
me:  What?
cc:  Yeah, but I didn’t get any.
me:  (I am cracking up because I have no clue where this came from.  I thought about how we’re together everyday and could not figure out where she learned about diamonds.  This girl is something else and never ceases to amaze me.)


cc:  Mom, when I get married I am going to have 4 girls and 2 boys.
me:  You want to have 6 six children?
cc:  Yep, and they are going to get their food  from right here (pointing to her “upper region girl parts”).
Me:  Lol!  So, you want to breastfeed?
cc:  I do.
me:  I think that will be so good for the babies.
cc:  It will.
me:  Lol!

Conversations with “curly cutie”

Oh, the things children say.

From time to time, I’ll share conversations with my tiny tot (of 3.75 years).


cc:  Is it still in there?
Me:  Is what in where?
cc:  A baby in your belly?
Me:  Yes, it’s still in there.
cc:  I’m gonna have a brother and sister?
Me:  Brother OR sister.
cc:  No, they’re both in there all together.
Me:  (laughing)  Good night.


Me:  Let me see your fingernails.
cc: (holds up her hands)
Me:  It’s time for them to get cut.
cc:  See, that’s why I don’t like getting polish on my nails without a base-coat.


cc:  Mother (she’s been addressing me as such for about a month now), are you still feeling nauseous?
Me:  A little bit baby.
cc:  Well, when we get home you can lay down.
Me:  Oh, ok.
cc: (paused as if in deep thought)  But, I need you to cook……….a MEAL.
Me:  (laughed out loud)


cc:  I’m going over Tee-tee’s house, and she likes to feed me.  She gives me food, and it’s good for my emotions.
Me:  (laughed hysterically)


cc:  Mom, I had such a good nap.  Jesus was loving me so much.  Jesus loves me.
Me: What was Jesus doing while you were sleeping?
cc:  He was all in my heart.  He was just loving on me.  I had such a good nap.
Me:  That’s good baby.