A breath of stale air

So, my husband came home one day and decided to take the television out of our lounge/guest room and temporarily store it in the closet.  He does this from time to time just to take a break.  We don’t have cable, satellite, or the like.  We can’t even tune into the locals because we decided not to even bother with the converter box.  So, we have a t.v., but we don’t have t.v.  Well, the hubs plays movies and “curly cutie” has select videos she watches.  I’m convinced I could finish out my days here on earth without a t.v. and be just fine.  Although I do enjoy HGTV in a serious way when it is available.

Well, the husband woke up the following day, made his faithful cup of coffee and went to sit down in the lounge/guest room.  He says,

You know, not having the t.v. in here is like a breath of stale air.”

Of course, I laughed at him.  I was not expecting that.  He then proceeds to say, “but, it’s getting fresher as the days go by.”  He absolutely loves to watch movies.  They are his sport.  I’m talking just about every Friday night growing up, his family had snacks and movies.  He couldn’t wait to get married to share movie night with his wife.  This is how I feel about the situation.

I’m just not able to do it people………stay awake that is.  Lol!  Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with him, but “more I cannot do” (I did stay awake long enough to snatch that line from Driving Miss Daisy)!  Or maybe I caught it in a brief awakened state.  I’m not sure.

*Cue apology*

To my husband, family and friends:

You all know that I love you.  It has been brought to my attention in times past (and continues to remain true for the present) that I am not capable of remaining awake for the duration of your chosen “feature films”.  While my heart is made glad that you desire to spend time with me (in this manner), I regretfully inform you that I do not possess the necessary skills to stay fully engaged.  Please know that I want to.  My greatest attempts at fulfilling your requests to stay awake have left me with slobber on the side of my mouth at best.  I will say that a good documentary has been known to grab and hold my attention ’til the very end.

Resting in Him,



Am I the only one?

Pic found here.

6 thoughts on “A breath of stale air

  1. I gravitate away from TV due to lengthy (and noisy) commercials… but I DO stay awake during movies. A friend of mine has your affliction, though: Start of movie = start of nap! (You are not alone.)

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