Men’s shirt refashion

We are in week 5 of Project Run and Play Season 6.  This week we were to take a men’s shrit and transform it into a children’s clothing item.  Would you believe that I did not have a men’s button down shirt in my entire stash?  What was a girl to do?  Hit up the husband.  Problem with that was, he had already cleaned his closet and given away all unwanted items.  Just my luck blessing, while visiting the husbands parents, papa (paw-paw) saved the day.

men's shirt

Woot!  I knew I wouldn’t have enough material for an outfit considering the shirt idea I had in mind, so I just went with a shirt.  I used a Butterick pattern (B5020) and made a few modifications to account for the shirt buttons.




topfront2I think the shirt turned out nice.  I like to see a bit more skin covered up, so Curly Cutie will not be wearing this top without something like a bolero or little jacket.

And that’s five weeks down.  Grandpa never knew his shirt could look so shaaaarp!

57 thoughts on “Men’s shirt refashion

  1. I’ve been so excited to see what you come up with each week — this one definitely doesn’t disappoint! The different direction of the stripes is such a nice touch, and I love the colored straps. In fact, I’d like one for myself! Great job!!

  2. I love this little top, the fitted bodice and fullness of the bottom are very well balanced. I wonder if you added a medium wide ruffle sleeve to the straps if it would give you a little more coverage. It would be really cute with a cropped sweater to accent the empire waist.

  3. I just discovered your blog this morning and am loving it! You are incredably talented and inspirational! Thank you for sharing, I haven’t seen a single creation here that I don’t love!

  4. Just took a minute to look at a few of your posts before I pick up H from school and your work is great! I got a new sewing machine for Christmas and have been looking for a fun project to christen it (and some spare time, if you have any of that lying around). I will have to give your stuff a more thorough look later. This shirt is adorable (though my boys would look a little funny)! I may have to just start sewing for other people’s little girls. lol

    1. Ha! Spare time lying around, huh? Thanks so much for stopping by Amy. I look forward to your future posts. I really enjoyed your openness in the last post. I guess I don’t see it a ton in blogland. Maybe it’s because I don’t get around a lot. It is refreshing.

  5. Tamika, this shirt is just darling! Was thinking it would look cute paired with the Sophisticated Romper you made for CC awhile back? Or a contrasting T shirt? Why am I making suggestions?! You’re the Queen of Creative! 🙂 You’ll think of something “just right!”

      1. Tamika, the farthest I’ve gotten with my menu planning for tonight is the idea of plating two jumbo shrimp into a “heart” shape, ha! That, and poring over dessert recipes… 🙂

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