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Curly Cutie’s object color palettes

color palettes

We  were sitting at the table going over a lesson for school when inspiration hit.  On the table, my daughter (age 6) pointed out a green piece of fabric, green toy car and a green crayon.  She looked at me and said, “Mom, look at this color palette.  I have an idea.  We can make several of these using different colors.  This would help baby boy (age 2) learn his colors.”  What a sweet idea.  I told her it was fabulous and we should work on it during quiet time.  That was a pretty big deal for me, because I do enjoy my down time but saw this as an opportunity to encourage her creativity.  I suggested we take photos of her creations (to the best of our ability of course).  We scoured the house for items that fit into the color categories she chose.  She would arrange the items for one color while I took pics of another.  We went back and forth in that manner until each color had been photographed.  I’m learning so much about how she processes information and what she values about her work process.  I did make suggestions about object placement for the photos.  We had lots of fun.  Now we just have to figure out what to do with the pictures.

color palettes-redcolor palettes-orangecolor palettes-yellowcolor palettes-greencolor palettes-bluecolor palettes-purplecolor palettes-browncolor palettes-blackcolor palettes-whitecolor palettes-pinkAny suggestions?  Let me know!


It’s K for Curly Cutie

Just thought I would drop in to say Curly Cutie is officially in Kindergarten!  Hard for me to believe.  It’s here and we’re homeschooling.  What have I gotten myself into?  I wish I had all the answers.  Maybe not, I’d probably be too proud.  Glad I have to take this thing one day at a time.

I found a really neat resource online that helps you generate handwriting practice worksheets.  This is perfect for CC and I.  She is able to practice writing her letters, and I can decide what she writes.

Every day she practices writing at least one scripture.  One of our goals is to read a Proverb a day each month.  There are 31 Proverbs in the Bible, so that’s one for each day (of the months that have 31 days).  We make adjustments for the other months.

The handwriting worksheet serves as a reinforcement to what we’ve read for the day.  One of my goals is to raise an excellent communicator, what better way to encourage goodness to come from her mouth than feeding it the Word of God.

Here is an example of a worksheet generated from the seventh verse of the first chapter of Proverbs  (She would write this on the first day of the month):

Generated at

Mirror turned chalkboard

Well, it looks like plans to homeschool Curly Cutie are underway.  She begins kindergarten in the fall.  I was faced with the question of how to turn her living space into a “haven of learning” that is functional and fun.  Not to mention it must be done frugally.  I attempted to enlist the help of a friend that is absolutely great with organizing, but schedule conflicts made it difficult to meet.  So, I was left to my own devices to try and come up with an arrangement for CC’s room.

Lesson from 2011:  You can do a lot more than you think you’re capable of. 

There are several components I want to see in the room, one being a chalkboard.  I have a child that loves to write on just about any surface.  I wanted to provide her with an acceptable outlet.  My mind immediately went to thinking about how I could tackle this project.  I had heard about chalkboard paint, but wasn’t familiar with the surfaces that could accommodate the paint.  Once I learned that the paint could be used on glass, I knew we were in business.  I had a mirror just sitting in my garage that would be perfect for her space.  It originally belonged to a dresser we used in our bedroom.  We turned the dresser into a “buffet-like” piece of furniture that already has a mirror above it.

frame after mirror was removed

 The process was very simple.  I didn’t take many pictures.  Sometimes I get so excited, I just want to finish the project.

  1. Removed mirror from frame
  2. Cleaned mirror and let dry
  3. Painted first coat and let dry for an hour
  4. Painted second coat and let dry for an hour
  5. Painted final coat (The 3rd coat gave me that nice black look I was going for and I could not see any mirror through the paint.  This may be different for other people)

6.  Let mirror cure for 3 days like directions recommended, and secured to wall with simple mirror hardware

7.  Conditioned board by turning a piece of chalk sideways and completely covering the chalkboard

curly cutie enjoyed this step

8.  Erased chalkboard and it was ready to go!

Lots of people have done some really creative projects with this paint.  Can you think of anything cool to turn into a chalkboard?