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5 days, 5 gifts – Day 3

Start with Day 1 if you missed it.

Next up is a gift made for a sweet baby girl.  She has not blessed us with her arrival yet.  It was so much fun making this gift.

Peek into my workspace

All of this goodness takes place right at my dining room table.  Nothing fancy.

The makings of a baby rag quilt (back side)

The rag quilt is the second type of quilt I learned to make.  It is made of two layers of cotton flannel with a layer of soft batting sandwiched in between.

front view of rag quilt

X’s are sewn on each square to prevent the batting from shifting.  Squares can be arranged in any desired pattern.

I guess the quilt gets its’ name because of the rag effect on the outside of the squares.  This effect is achieved by sewing sides of the squares together, but leaving the seams visible.  When the quilt is washed the fabric frays.

Coordinating set of 2 burp cloths and 4 cloth wipes

I absolutely adore these burpcloths and wipes.  The burpcloths are backed with white Chenille.  I think Chenille is my go to fabric for  backing these babies.  It is so soft and absorbant.  They are nice and long, easily covering shoulders and protecting clothes.  Provides great protection from baby fluids.  Makes it easy to keep tiny body parts clean.  The cloth wipes are a favorite too.  You can use them to wipe up just about anything.  Then, just toss them into the wash and reuse.  They are made with two layers of cotton flannel.

Quilt and accessories tied with rafia before being placed in bag

So glad mommy to be likes the set.  Hopefully she can get good use out of these items.  That baby girl is going to look so cute having tummy time on her very own handmade rag quilt.  When she is older, she’ll be able to use it with her baby dolls (with mom’s approval of course).

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