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Zebra in a grassy field

Another season of Project Run & Play has commenced.  It is something about sewing along with this competition that gets the creative juices flowing.  I was happy to jump on board for week 1.  The theme is “Put me in the zoo”, and we were to create a design inspired by a favorite animal.  Curly Cutie chose the zebra and after a quick search I found inspiration.


I took to my stash as this would be another refashioned garment.

zoo collage

The items used were either 100% linen or a linen blend, and I thought the colors captured the essence of the inspiration pic.  This dress has a nice fit and drape.  I think I can add linen to the list of my new faves.


I thought it would be neat to go with  stripes for this theme.  The black and white stripes give me the zebra feel.  The blue stripe represents the sky, and the bottom stripe is a light oatmeal color similar to the grassy field.  It’s so light it almost gets lost, but adds a nice touch in my opinion.

Pattern is self-drafted (modified Simplicity 3859), and 4″ or 5″ strips were pieced together to make fabric big enough to cut dress pieces.

pieced strips
dress front pieced fabric


For the back we went with a simple exposed metal zip, and I’m pleased with the results.  Easy on and off.

zoo5zoo5bThat’s a wrap.

Girl's striped dress refashion







Sophisticated romper

Soooo, I decided to join in on Project Run and Play‘s Season 6  sew-along.  Why did I do that?  I really have no clue what I have gotten myself into.  This is a new world for me folks.  Deadlines can give me the heebie-jeebies at times.  I can be too easy going, so this is just the fire I need to kick start a new year.  I am a firm believer in starting where you are with all of your abilities and available resources.  And that’s just what I plan to do.

The theme for week #1 is a pattern remix challenge.  The party dress from The Cottage Home was chosen to be remixed.  Very cute.


So, basically we take the pattern and revamp it in some way to make a new design.  I made it a personal goal to use items I already have in my home.  I remembered a pair of jeans I had in my fabric stash and thought they would make great material for Curly Cutie’s outfit.  Fabric is a combo of cotton, them twins “poly” and “ester”, and elastane.  It has a nice subtle stretch and is not too bulky for an active girl.

full pant view

I chose to remix the dress into a romper.  I consider my daughter to be a “tall drink of water” at the age of 5.  I just knew her long and lean body would be so cute in a sophisticated romper.  I had to get busy on the pattern.

romper pattern

I’m so glad I decided to make a mock-up of this outfit.  One, because my first pattern was too short.  Two, because I taped the bodice to the pant pattern backwards.  That thing looks hilarious, but it did what I needed it to do to get a good fit.

Changes to the pattern

–          Added length to bottom of bodice

–          Dropped the skirt and added a pant

–          Took a little more than 5/8” off of shoulder seam

–          Omitted the sash and added an elegant removable collar

–          Used thin black elastic for button loops

–          Used faux pearl buttons in place of fabric covered ones

–          I did not line the garment

For the collar, I used remnants from a curtain and a piece of lace my daughter so generously gifted me.  She’s beginning her own fabric stash and people actually give to her cause.


collarAnd for the full view.

romper front

romper back

I was so grateful CC allowed me to snap a few pics.  Most times she is so not a camera girl.  Although it seems as she’s getting older snapping pics is a little easier.  I do mean “a little”, a teench easier.  I was able to leave the original hem on the pants which was cool.  This is the beauty of refashioning clothes.  No yardage = no problem, just use what you have.  I also added a slight flare to the pant legs so they wouldn’t be straight up and down.

romper side

I had nothing to do with the crossing of the legs.  Lol.  I just go with what she gives me.

And as for The Party Dress…I rompered it.