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Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 15)




I know we have been looooong overdue for an installment of conversations.  I fell off in that I just stopped writing this stuff down.  Her shenanigans are so frequent we could have a book by now.  Lol.  Either way, this is a short one but I just had to come and let you know we are back in business.  You all have let me know that you really enjoy these conversations and I want to deliver.  Oh, Curly Cutie is 6 years old.


CC:  I can’t believe you went to sleep in the hospital.

me:  What do you mean?  Oh, when we had baby boy?

CC:  Yes.

me:  Yeah, because I remember you and dad came home each night.

CC:  Yep, every night we slept in our comfortable beds.  Then, when the sun came up we got right up to come and see you.  They fed you breakfast and everything.

(I started thinking about how supportive she was when we were about to deliver baby #2.  She was right by my side until I started pushing, praying me through every contraction.)

me:  You were such a big girl.  You were mommy’s helper.

CC:  Yeah, I just love processes like that that allow me to have those types of experiences.

me:  Lol!  You are funny.

CC:  I mean, I was just so happy to be there for you in your time of need.

me & CC:  LOL!


CC:  Can’t wait to taste these potatoes.

(she tastes a spoonful)

CC:  Ooooh, they’re gooey.

me:  Yeah, I don’t know.  Maybe it’s the potato.

CC:  They are different than before.  I like them though.  It just makes me wonder, “what happened?”

me:  Lol!


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Purse party of sorts

I guess that is what it’s turned into over here.  One request has sent me diving head first into the beautiful world of purses/handbags….whatever you want to call them.  I have come up for a breath long enough to share my craftings.

So, my first challenge was to make a purse to be given to a mom as a gift.  No frills and thrills, just a basic bag.  I searched around for purse tutorials as I had absolutely no clue how to make one.  There are a plethora of wonderful purse tutorials out there.  I settled on this one over at warehousefabricsinc.com.


The instructions were pretty easy to follow.  I decided to omit the piping they included in their bag.

Finished product

inside of purse
inside of purse

One cool thing about this purse is that the fabrics used were upcycled curtain remnants (They were never used as curtains, fabric was pretty much new and unused when given to me).  The pleats are just so adorable to me.  I later added the flower for visual interest.  It has one snap closure and two pockets on the inside.

After the bag was done, I was all excited and like, “Yay, I made my first purse.”  I was just hoping my friend’s mom would like it.  A day later I decided to make another purse.  Not that I thought anything was wrong with the first, I just wanted to give my friend a second potential bag to choose for her mom.  I knew I wanted to make it a little more jazzy, and of course it had to have black and white in it.  I know, some would think that color combo gets old after a while.  Well, for me, NEVER….ha, ha, ha.

I used an actual pattern (the kind in the envelope) for this second bag.  I have no for real clue how to read these commercial patterns, but am determined to learn that my skills may increase.  The pattern used was Butterick B5766 bag D

Butterick bag 5766-D

One thing I like about both of these bags is how roomy they are inside.

Here’s my take on it.


I had to ask my friend to snap a pick and send it to me because, for some reason, I often make things and they leave my hands before I capture them on film.  My husband goes on and on about how my ways need to change.  Lol.  I agree.  How will I know what I’ve done without a record?  I’m trying to do better.  My friend so graciously sent this one to me.  I’m so glad because I absolutely loved this one.  And it goes without saying that she decided on this one for her mom as opposed to the first purse.  So glad I went with my thoughts to make a second purse.

The party doesn’t end there folks.  I figured, why let the momentum die?  I went on to make a third purse.  Recipient = my 12 yr old niece-y-pooh.  I had another paper pattern on hand, and thought it was a great time to give it a go.  I used Butterick B5505 bag B.

pyramid bagVery reminiscent of a pyramid in my opinion.  I was glad to have successfully completed the bags above, because they gave me the confidence I needed to tackle this one. Lots of intricate details went into making this bag.  It is such a fun bag.  Hopefully my niece likes it.  She’s into black and white too.

Finished product

pyramid bag front
bag front
pyramid bag back
bag back
bag inside
bag inside
bag zipper opening
bag side zipper opening
bag front flap
bag front flap with hidden smaller zipper pocket and magnetic snap

I was happy with the way this bag turned out.  Other suggested fabrics were synthetic suede or synthetic leather.  I’d like to make another one out of suede or leather in the future.

I’ll stop here for now.  There are a few more to share.  It’s like I started and did not stop.  Time really does fly by when you are having fun.  I am so glad I did not continue on in fear when it comes to sewing.  I would not be experiencing the beauty of creating in this manner if I had.  It took me so long to jump in because sewing seemed so intimidating.  I am amazed with the completion of each project.

If there is something you have been longing to do (I’m not talking about the silly stuff we long to do that would bring no true benefit to ourselves and others), you might just have to jump in…..fear and all.  Fear is only successful when it prevents us from jumping in.  Even if you don’t think you have all the resources you need.  There is something special about starting where you are and with what you have in front of you.  It seems that additional resources come when they are needed.

Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 13)


cc:  Hey mom?

me:  Yes baby.

cc:  Baby boy looks so different now than when he was born.

me:  You think so?

cc:  Yeah, he looks kinda normal.

me:  Lol!

cc:  Lol.


(It was nearing time for bed when I asked CC to return the staplers she was playing with back to the desk)

me:  Let’s go ahead and put those away, so we can get ready for bed.

cc: (talking to staplers) Well guys, I guess there won’t be a stapler convention tonight.

me:  Aghhhhhhhh!  LOL!


(CC knew I had not been feeling well for a few days and decided she wanted to pray for me at bedtime)

cc:  And Lord, we know that mom hasn’t been feeling well.  So, we just ask that you would heal here BIG body.

me & dad:  (in the middle of the prayer) LOL!

cc:  What’s so funny guys?

me:  Sorry, you can continue.

cc:  If you could just make her big body feel better she will be all better.  And we just thank you for that Lord.




(CC and I were chatting while eating apples)


Me:  You know this apple is really bland.

Cc:  Really?   Now, let’s talk about this bland for just a minute.  I know that you like cantaloupe and honeydew, and I think those are bland too.

Me:  Oh yeah?

Cc:  I really like fruits with acid like pineapple, oranges, lemons and things like that.

Me:  Lol!

Cc:  Lol.

Me:  You are funny.


(CC is in her bed.  AV baby is in his bed and crying)

Me:  It’s time to go to sleep.

Cc:  I know mom, but I was wondering if I could stay up so my brother feels supported.

Me:  Lol!


(CC walks up to me with hands clasped together)

Cc:  Mom, I have a surprise for you.  I have something you will like, although you will tell me to put it back.

Me:  Lol.  O.k.

(CC opens up her hands to reveal several coins from her piggy bank)

Cc:  See?

Me:  Yep, put those back.  Lol.

Cc:  But mom, let’s talk about this for a minute.

Me:  Yes.

Cc:  I have so much money, and I wanted you to have some.

Converstions with “Curly Cutie” (round 3)




cc:  I’m just going to turn this fan on.
me:  Uh, I don’t think I want that on.
cc:  Well, I’m the one that’s hot.
me:  You can go into your own room and turn your own fan on.
cc:  Oh mom.


cc:  Can you take me to the play place in the mall?
me:  Why do you want to go there now?
cc:  I would like to play with someone that’s not myself.
me:  Lol, spoken like a true only child.  It won’t be like this too much longer.


me:  I’m getting ready to do your hair.
cc:  You don’t need my hair stuff mom.
me:  Hush girl and go get your stuff.
cc:  You know, I’m not really a “hushy” person.
me:  LOL!


cc:  Mommy, do you know I love you?
me:  Yes.  When did you start loving me?
cc:  A few months ago.
me:  Lol!  Did you love me before then?
cc:  No, but I love You NOW.  I-LOVE-YOU-NOWWWWW-MOMMY.
me:  LOL!!!  You are something else.

(later on that same day, I shared this with her dad.  She interrupts our conversation)

cc:  Mom, put that on the blog.  Trust me.  Put that on the blog!
me & dad:  LOL!!

I hope you all are enjoying these conversations as much as we do.  Where do they come up with this stuff?