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Bubble Pocket Top and Spin Skirt

I had the pleasure of testing a pattern for the talented Heidi who is the brains behind the blog Elegance and Elephants.  She makes the most adorable clothes for her children,

e&e picsand has decided to share her talent with the world by releasing original design patterns.

Heidi’s newest pattern up for release (afternoon on 7/3/13) is the Bubble Pocket Top and Spin Skirt.

The bubble pocket is a really fun detail Heidi has been adding to her designs.  This top/skirt combo does not disappoint.  Such cuteness for a little girl.  I had a great time sewing this up!  Had an even greater time seeing it on my lovely model.  Thanks T for letting me borrow your sweetie pie.

So, here’s my spin on the Bubble Pocket Top and Spin Skirt.

testtest toptest skirtFor fun I added a handmade fabric flower to the top.

The outfit in action.




If you have a moment, you should hop on over to Heidi’s site,  have a look around and get the scoop on this new pattern.

The handmade community is alive and well my friends!  It doesn’t matter what you make with your hands…..just create!  Hope you are enjoying your Monday.


Sophisticated romper

Soooo, I decided to join in on Project Run and Play‘s Season 6  sew-along.  Why did I do that?  I really have no clue what I have gotten myself into.  This is a new world for me folks.  Deadlines can give me the heebie-jeebies at times.  I can be too easy going, so this is just the fire I need to kick start a new year.  I am a firm believer in starting where you are with all of your abilities and available resources.  And that’s just what I plan to do.

The theme for week #1 is a pattern remix challenge.  The party dress from The Cottage Home was chosen to be remixed.  Very cute.


So, basically we take the pattern and revamp it in some way to make a new design.  I made it a personal goal to use items I already have in my home.  I remembered a pair of jeans I had in my fabric stash and thought they would make great material for Curly Cutie’s outfit.  Fabric is a combo of cotton, them twins “poly” and “ester”, and elastane.  It has a nice subtle stretch and is not too bulky for an active girl.

full pant view

I chose to remix the dress into a romper.  I consider my daughter to be a “tall drink of water” at the age of 5.  I just knew her long and lean body would be so cute in a sophisticated romper.  I had to get busy on the pattern.

romper pattern

I’m so glad I decided to make a mock-up of this outfit.  One, because my first pattern was too short.  Two, because I taped the bodice to the pant pattern backwards.  That thing looks hilarious, but it did what I needed it to do to get a good fit.

Changes to the pattern

–          Added length to bottom of bodice

–          Dropped the skirt and added a pant

–          Took a little more than 5/8” off of shoulder seam

–          Omitted the sash and added an elegant removable collar

–          Used thin black elastic for button loops

–          Used faux pearl buttons in place of fabric covered ones

–          I did not line the garment

For the collar, I used remnants from a curtain and a piece of lace my daughter so generously gifted me.  She’s beginning her own fabric stash and people actually give to her cause.


collarAnd for the full view.

romper front

romper back

I was so grateful CC allowed me to snap a few pics.  Most times she is so not a camera girl.  Although it seems as she’s getting older snapping pics is a little easier.  I do mean “a little”, a teench easier.  I was able to leave the original hem on the pants which was cool.  This is the beauty of refashioning clothes.  No yardage = no problem, just use what you have.  I also added a slight flare to the pant legs so they wouldn’t be straight up and down.

romper side

I had nothing to do with the crossing of the legs.  Lol.  I just go with what she gives me.

And as for The Party Dress…I rompered it.

A miscarriage experience

The following is a letter to my son.  Even though he will not read this, it is necessary for my heart.

My dear son Rohan,

I was so looking forward to seeing you.  Your older brother was only 9 months when we found out you were on your way.  So, you definitely snuck up on us brotha.  I wasn’t worried though, God’s timing is perfect.  Take that back, I didn’t worry much.  But I did become anxious at times thinking about if I could produce enough milk to feed you, or if I would have to supplement like I did with your brother.  I knew you were coming when my body started feeling a-certain-kinda-way.  Constant nausea without the vomiting, for a few weeks, seems to be commonplace with our pregnancies.  Such a small price to pay for such an amazing gift.  You were no exception baby boy.

Your big sister had just started her first year of homeschooling.  You should have seen me trying to take her through lessons while being stretched out on the couch.  I thought I was pointing to words in a book for her to read along, but when I looked up my finger was all off the book somewhere.  I was too miserable to even sit up, but I tried really hard to remember I would only feel that way for a short season.

Your dad had me laughing.  He said that one day I was fine, then after we took the test and found out it was positive, within 24 hours I was an absolute mess.  I guess he couldn’t understand how it happened so fast.  Maybe he thought is was psychological, but I say, “welcome to the wonderful world of mommyhood”.  I knew something pretty much amazing was going on inside of me.  Your dad had me laughing on several occasions actually.  Just like he told me the gender of your brother and sister, he told me that you were a boy.  He chose a name for you shortly after.  That’s just how it’s been in our family.  Your dad was spot on with your siblings.  He lets me know when he feels really drawn to a particular name.  I have often found myself in prayer a lot after he reveals the name.  Once I told him I would pray the opposite of what he was praying.  Lol.  Talk about division.  It was all in fun, but some of those names were just hilarious to me.  I will probably holler (hearty laugh) if we see you in heaven and you’re a girl.

I thought I was on my way out of “baby season”, but I had to give up any thoughts of having a normal nights’ rest for a loooong time.  Well, you would have just given us a new normal.  Soon my mind began thinking about all the handmade items  I would make for you.  I started sewing last year, and it is such a joy to learn.  You were going to be so cute in your little appliqued tee.

It would have been so much fun seeing you grow alongside your siblings.  You probably would have knocked all of their milestones out of the park because you were trying to catch up with them and do everything they were doing.  Even though we will not experience the joys of having you here with us, we will remember you.  You have forever changed our numbers.  And when people ask me about my children, I will not forget you.  People don’t talk much about this stuff, you know?  I had no clue so many women share this same experience son.  I mean, you hear the numbers, but you really don’t think about it.  At least I didn’t.

I’ve thought about how I won’t be able to tell you that God loved you so much that He sent His only son to live and die for you on the cross.  But hey, you are way ahead of the game son now that you are with Him.  So happy for you.  Can’t wait to see you.  I must finish out my days here, allowing the Lord to guide me through each season of life.  Such a sweet partnership.  I pray this can be done in faith and with much joy in each experience.  You were a great reminder of the brevity of life.  I have found myself not being so uptight about certain things, because hey, tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Son, you are special to me.  Hopefully I can comfort others with the same comfort I have received from God concerning you.  Until we meet……………..

Resting in His love, (you are doing the same)