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Conceived by love, received with joy, and born in peace.

Yep.  That pretty much explains the events surrounding the newest addition to our family.

It’s official!  Our little man is here.  He is too precious!

Abraham was born in November of 2011.  He weighed in at 7 lbs even and measured 19.5 inches long.

I love to hear birthing stories.  Back in the day I was a faithful watcher of TLC’s “A Baby Story”.  My friends would often find me singing the show’s title to them in an unforgettable soprano voice.  Lol!

The creation of life is nothing short of miraculous.

I was much more involved in this birth than I was with my first.  This sounds a little weird, but I can explain.  With “curly cutie” I had no clue what to expect.  I did some reading and talking to people, but nothing too intensive.  Fairly early on in my first pregnancy I was scheduled to be induced in the event she didn’t come on her due date.  I knew pretty much nothing about the induction process, but by the time I reached 39 weeks I didn’t care what they did to my body.  I wanted that baby out!  Such a sweet combo of excitement and fatigue going on inside of me.  She was wonderful in every way too.  Long story short, hospital at 6am, Pitocin at 8am, epidural around noon, baby at 3pm (after 3 pushes).  I was fortunate in that surgery was not a part of this story as is the case for many inductions.

This pregnancy was different.  I wanted it to be different.  I actually wanted my body to feel.  I wanted to know what my body was doing.  I didn’t want an epidural to have me “in the clouds” again.  I thought to myself, “This can’t be too hard.  My body was designed for this.”  I thought about what an ideal situation would look like for me, and I tried to capture that on paper in the form of a birth plan.  I know that things don’t always go as planned, but I still wanted to have one.  I did my reading.  Here are some highlights from my birth plan.  I wanted……

–  dimly lit room with soothing music (I brought my ipod and speakers)

–  to not be confined to the bed, but able to move around freely

–  to use the birthing pool  (I really wanted to just go ahead and give birth in the water)

–  baby placed on me immediately after birth

–  to exclusively breastfeed

–  ability to consume beverages and snacks of choice

If you desire to see my birth plan in its entirety just leave me a comment.  It was pretty short, yet detailed.  You can also do a search and pull up several examples of birth plans.  There is no one right format, just whatever works for your family.

And, can I just say that EVERYTHING on my birth plan came to pass!  Talk about blessed.  You don’t even know the half.  Lol.  I get overwhelmed just thinking about it.

The day I woke up at 3am was unlike any other early morning I had for the past 2 or 3 weeks.  The contractions I was having seemed to have been “kicked up a notch”, and they were coming every 5-7 minutes.  I thought to myself, “we could be onto something.”  I knew to pay attention when they started coming consistently.  At this point, they were still very bearable.  I was just concentrating on getting through that minute. This went on for several hours with the contractions increasing in intensity every hour it seemed like.

Around 7 or so I knew I would need some help.  I could not talk or do anything while I was having a contraction.  My husband called it my “quiet moment”.  He could tell when one was starting because I would get silent and bow my head.  He told our daughter I was having a quiet moment.  She got quiet too.  My eyes were  closed, but I could hear her little voice in the background praying for me.  She is sure to get the “big sister of the year award”.  She really has a kind heart.

I decided to get into the tub and turn on the jets.  Pure relaxation for the next 1.5 hours.  In between contractions that is.  During that time I called my doc to let her know how I was feeling.  I told her I would keep an eye on things and call her back in a little bit.  I didn’t know if it was time for me to go to the hospital or not.  So, I just continued to labor at home.  The last thing I wanted was a “falsie”.  The hospital is about 20min away and I did not want to be told to “go home”.  When I was ready to get out of the tub, I pretty much knew it was time to head to the hospital.  Bags were packed and at the door, “curly cutie” and I put on clothes.  I’m ready to walk out of the door and guess what my husband is doing……cleaning.  Now, I know I take pain “like a champ”, but when I say it’s time to go, IT’S TIME TO GO!  Lol!  Here he is with vacuum in hand, letting me know that things have to be in order.  He finally said, “Oh, I should get dressed, huh?”

At the hospital, we (me, husband, curly cutie, nurse) had to stop twice on our walk from registration to labor and delivery for me to “breathe and sway” through contractions.  It didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would.  I really didn’t know how I thought it would feel.  I wanted to bear the pain without medication, but I wanted it close by just in case.  Don’t trip.  Lol.

After twenty minutes of monitoring, I went right into the birthing pool.  I absolutely did not want to be strapped down to a bed if it was not necessary.  My doc rocked!  She supported every decision.  I didn’t even get an i.v. in my arm.  I progressed very quickly from six to ten centimeters.  The two nurses caring for us were absolutely amazing.  One nurse had been helping deliver babies for 40 years.  It’s quite hard to believe, but she said our child’s birth was at the top of her list.  Before I knew it, my water broke and the “show was on”.  I didn’t know this then but my body wanted to push immediately with that next contraction.  I did not let it push for fear of “doing #2” in the tub.  Does anybody still call it that these days?  Lol.  I know….I was clownin’.  Was that TMI?  Well, I’m trying to give it to you straight.  I must have gotten over that pretty quick, because I had my husband go tell the nurse I was ready to push.  Curly Cutie was taken to a nearby room.  She stayed with mommy most of the time.  Such a big girl.  Those contractions were coming in such a beautiful rhythm…..right up until the doc and nurses came in to assist, scoop poop and catch baby.  No contraction for another 5 minutes.  I guess my body was getting ready for what was about to happen.  By this time, my hands and legs were numb.  I didn’t know if it was time to freak out or just remain calm.  Either way the baby was coming.  Now, the hospital doesn’t necessarily like for the babies to be born in the tub for some reason, but that didn’t stop my doc from making it her  business to allow me this experience (if all went well).  So, she’s standing there, and asks me, “Do you want to stay in here or go over to the bed?”  With numb legs I wasn’t going anywhere honey.  She then said, “Well, I guess you better turn over and push.”  I said, “ok”.  It was an “over and out” type of situation.  I turned over and the baby came out.  Lol!  One push folks!  I started to bear down and my body took over and pushed little Abraham right out.

And there it is!  On with our new family or 4.

Anybody else like baby stories?