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7 month update

This has been the longest I’ve gone without making a post I think.  I’ve kinda missed this thing.  Life is always happening, and I’m glad to be here.

well, month 7 is in “full waddle swing”.  I’m doing well to “keep my center” folks.  The belly is getting pretty big.  Lol!

Bam!  There it is!  And don’t be like, “what belly?” like some have.  In person, this thing would be knocking you and anything close to it right over.  It knocks “curly cutie” around constantly.  I mean, can I wash dishes at the kitchen sink without constantly bumping into the sides?  Nope.

Recently, I was thinking about how different this pregnancy is from my first.  There are things I do now that I’ve never done before, like……..drink coffee.  I can’t even believe I just typed that.  Coffee was so not on my “things to drink” list.  I’m a tea kinda gal all the way.  However, time and space do bring about change.  Now, for some strange reason………I like it.  I really like it.  Then there’s this other thing…….

my beloved fried egg with secret spices!  Ok, the spices really aren’t a secret, I just don’t know what to call one of them.  I think you call the main spice Zaater.  The only other two seasonings I use are garlic salt and cracked pepper.  This baby is fried in a skillet with a “teench” of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  And just call me happy!  Gotta have it almost every day.  The whole house has been converted.  We have never gone through a carton of eggs this quick.

In other news, switch to the new doc was a success.  From what I’ve seen, she is my kinda gal.  Kind, gentle, and knows her stuff.  Not to mention, the hospital has a birthing tub!  Woot!  Some of you know that I really wanted to try a “home birth” this go ’round.  That didn’t quite work out, but I think that working with this doc and her staff will get me the closest I can possibly get to a natural birth although it will be in a hospital.  I even made a birth plan.  I feel like I was “out to lunch” during my first pregnancy.  I didn’t know nothing about nothing.  How do you like that sentence?  But boy, God sure saw me through that.  I ended up being induced with “curly cutie”, and was happy to do it.  I didn’t know any better.  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being induced.  In my case, it just was not necessary.  I already had my induction date midway into the pregnancy.  A good amount of inductions do lead to c-sections.  I was in labor a few hours (I guess), and after 3 pushes she was here and loud.  Lol!  I consider myself fortunate not to have had to go to surgery.  Back to the birth plan.  Now, I am not one of those moms will get upset if things don’t go exactly how I’ve laid them out in my plan.  It is just a list of things I hope to see happen during labor and delivery.  I’m glad to be going in with a little bit more knowledge than I had the last time.

I have made my requests known, and the only other thing I need to do is trust God.  He is TOTALLY responsible for me……spirit, soul, and body.  I believe that.

Let’s see what else.

– cloth wipes are pretty much done

– decided to hold off on making a  lot of the baby items.  The shower is coming up and I’m sure I’ll have plenty.  I’ve just been super excited about adding more items to my “I know how to sew a…” category.  The time will come when I’ll be able to get to some of these things.  Hey, maybe even sell them.  I have made some items that are quite beautiful.

– working on a special surprise to be presented to “curly cutie” at the baby shower.  You all will absolutely love it.

– received a glider chair, would like to re-cover the cushion.

– have a list of freezer meals just waiting to be prepared.  Waiting for a deep freezer.

– plans are underway to make a table and chair set for “curly cutie’s ” room.  If you guys have not checked out the free woodworking plans at http://www.ana-white.com, you need to head on over and see what Mrs. White has been up to.  The woman is bad (that really means good).  Now, y’all know with my background in Tech Theatre, that I have a “little builder” on the inside of me.  This woman’s plans speak to that builder.  Lol!  She is good  at what she does, and shows you how to build furniture very similar to what you could find at a well known store with only paying a fraction of the cost.  Case in point……

This is the table/chair combo I speak of.  I think this table would be perfect for the kids’ room.  Maybe a couple of them even.  So, here’s the deal.  Ana made the table for about $17.  Each chair came in at less than $4.  If I bought the wood on sale at the lowest price I’ve seen at one of my local stores, I would be paying close to $10 for the table and less than $3 for each chair.  This does not include tools or finishing items (primer and paint).  Tell me that’s not a deal.  This is what makes me cringe at the thought of spending $100+ for children’s furniture when it can be made for considerably less.  All my husband wants to know is its ETA (estimated time of arrival).  Yeah, I made him a believer when he came home from an out-of-town trip one day to a freshly painted accent wall in the bedroom, and a custom made headboard for the bed.  So, let’s see if we can make this happen before baby.

Wheww, this post is long.  Was that enough update for you?  I hope all is well where you are.  Until next time.

Update:  Read about my  birthing experience here.