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5 days, 5 gifts – Day 3

Start with Day 1 if you missed it.

Next up is a gift made for a sweet baby girl.  She has not blessed us with her arrival yet.  It was so much fun making this gift.

Peek into my workspace

All of this goodness takes place right at my dining room table.  Nothing fancy.

The makings of a baby rag quilt (back side)

The rag quilt is the second type of quilt I learned to make.  It is made of two layers of cotton flannel with a layer of soft batting sandwiched in between.

front view of rag quilt

X’s are sewn on each square to prevent the batting from shifting.  Squares can be arranged in any desired pattern.

I guess the quilt gets its’ name because of the rag effect on the outside of the squares.  This effect is achieved by sewing sides of the squares together, but leaving the seams visible.  When the quilt is washed the fabric frays.

Coordinating set of 2 burp cloths and 4 cloth wipes

I absolutely adore these burpcloths and wipes.  The burpcloths are backed with white Chenille.  I think Chenille is my go to fabric for  backing these babies.  It is so soft and absorbant.  They are nice and long, easily covering shoulders and protecting clothes.  Provides great protection from baby fluids.  Makes it easy to keep tiny body parts clean.  The cloth wipes are a favorite too.  You can use them to wipe up just about anything.  Then, just toss them into the wash and reuse.  They are made with two layers of cotton flannel.

Quilt and accessories tied with rafia before being placed in bag

So glad mommy to be likes the set.  Hopefully she can get good use out of these items.  That baby girl is going to look so cute having tummy time on her very own handmade rag quilt.  When she is older, she’ll be able to use it with her baby dolls (with mom’s approval of course).

Check out Day 4.


Update on cloth diapers

Let me just go ahead and put it out here. We love cloth diapering! Husband enjoys it so much that I’ve only had to wash diapers about a handful of times. I respect all orders to stay out of the laundry room. By all means, have at it honey. Have your own way.

We have a rhythm that works for us now. It took some learning in the beginning as we were trying to figure out what would work best for our family. Cloth diapering is not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. It is definitely a different experience than using disposables (which I am not against at all). It’s a good different. You just have to figure out what works for you.

During pregnancy, I started researching the topic and quickly became overwhelmed. Don’t know if you know, but cloth diapers have made a come back folks. So much so that the market is booming. People are coming out of the woodworks with their versions of cloth diapers and accessories. Rightfully so, little bums are so cute in them. Not to mention the potential to save money while decreasing your contribution to landfills.

We chose cloth diapering because I am able and willing to do it, and I love finding ways to make our money stretch. Cloth diapering can be intimidating in the beginning because you need certain products on hand before you can even get going with diapering your baby. It’s not as simple as going to the store and grabbing a big box of diapers and packs of wipes. I’m sure cloth diapering can get a lot more complicated than what we have going on, but I’m all about keeping things simple. I’ll share what has been working for us.

One thing that helped ease our transition into cloth diapering was asking for cloth diapering products at the baby shower. Yep, I incorporated this request right into the invitation. Most people were not familiar with the idea, but were able to find products at some of the major retail stores. We were given flat and prefold cloth diapers along with diaper covers, diaper pins, and detergent.

I went out and purchased a snappi as I could not imagine myself sticking my poor little baby with that diaper pin. I had to give myself time to work up to that. Now, I use them with no problems.

During my research, I came across a pattern for a fitted pocket diaper. It’s called fitted because it has elastic around the legs and sometimes the back. It’s just simple fabric with elastic added. It does require a diaper cover as it is not waterproof. I knew I had to use the pattern to make some fitteds for my baby boy. Hmmm, needed some flannel fabric. Oh yeah, I got these at the baby shower.

4 pack of flannel receiving blankets

Babies get lots of these, so I’ll just go ahead and turn this set into fitted cloth diapers. Not to mention they have cute matching t-shirts.

The process was pretty simple. Rita, the lovely creator of the pattern, made this project quite easy with her wonderful directions. It also helped to read comments from others that have tackled this project. After pre-washing and ironing the fabric I traced it onto the fabric. I knew I would have to get a little creative since my fabric squares were only 30″X30″. No way I was getting two nice diaper cuts from one blanket. I needed a cut for the inner and outer layers of the diaper.

Diaper pattern was traced onto wrong side of fabric with fabric pen

After doing a little piecing together, adding some elastic, and doing some turning and topstitching, I came out with these…….

Cloth diapers made from Rita’s Rump Pocket Diaper pattern

Crazy, huh? I know. Cute and functional. Good thing I had some extra fabric once the diaper cuts were made. What good is a cloth diaper without these to match?

Burp cloths backed with Chenille fabric

and these….

Cloth wipes backed with Chenille fabric

These items come in handy for wiping up all kinds of baby fluids. I have even used the burp cloths as the absorbent stuffing for the pocket of the diaper. Although I didn’t photograph it, there is a pocket opening on the back part of the diaper that can be stuffed with whatever you want to use to catch the urine and waste. The cool thing about this particular pattern is that it grows with baby. It can fit most babies from very small through potty training. That’s a plus. We’ll have to see how the fabric holds up to constant washing/drying.

Here is how we are keeping things simple as far as the storage of these items. Gotta keep’em handy for frequent changing. Not like a disposable that can be left on for longer and baby have no clue what’s going on. With these things, they feel everything. That may or may not bother them depending on the child. I hear the result is earlier potty training because as they get older they do not want to feel wetness or waste on them.

Prefold diapers on the left, Flat diapers on the right
Added diaper covers in open space

And for my wonderful model…..

Before diaper cover was put on. Fitted is secured with one diaper pin.

And this is how we are cloth diapering. Lots more I could have said, but I probably would’ve never gotten this post up had I kept typing. I hope things continue to go well for us. I have another set of blankets I’ll be turning into cloth diapers. I seriously like these a lot, and it’s easier than folding the flats and prefolds although I don’t mind that at all.

Has anybody else considered cloth diapering these days? If you already are, how has your experience been?


I figured it was “high time” for an update.  What has been going on over here?  Let me see.

– Curl Cutie turned “4”!  I know, you probably thought she was turning “14”.  Not yet.

– I have not had a headache for almost a month.  Somebody say “glory”!  Kinda forgot about even having them.  I have been “losing weight and feeling great”.  Lol!  What commercial did that come from.?  I thought about it, so I had to use it.  Now, we all know there has not been any weight loss over here.  The baby is making sure that is not the case.

– I am 6 months pregnant now.  At my last appointment,  the scale was only reading three pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight.  I can understand why though.  Not much of an appetite at the beginning.  Even now that my appetite is back, I can should only eat a little bit at a time or my body starts to feel heavy and uncomfortable.  Do I always listen to my body?  Certainly not.  I have been sleeping with a body pillow for support.  Makes my nights so much easier.  I have also been trying not to drink any liquids close to bedtime.  A full bladder does not make for a good nights rest for me.

– I have not made much progress on my handmade baby items to-do-list.  I have officially completed two cloth wipes.  Lol!  Oh, I don’t think I told you guys we are cloth diapering this go ’round.  I was supposed to and never got around to the post.  Let my husband tell it, I have completely neglected this blog.  You are reading this post because of his encouragement.  So yeah, I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading about cloth diapering.  It has definitely made a “come back” folks.  I don’t think it ever really died, but information on the internet has taken the guess work out of this fine art.  Besides, cloth was used long before disposables hit the market.

So, there is still lots to get done, and time is standing still for no man.  Here is a brief list of other things I would like to work on before the baby arrives……Note: I’ll get done what I can get done and that’s that.  I still want to enjoy every day of this pregnancy and life as we know it, before EVERYTHING changes.  So, even if I only get two more wipes done……then I guess that will give me four wipes whereby I will cleanse the baby like he has never been cleansed before.  LOL!!!  Here’s to hope….

– some freezer cooking

-try my hand at a cloth diaper cover using PUL fabric with fold-over elastic.  I’ve already successfully made a fleece pocket diaper from a free pattern online.

-make: stash of cloth wipes, bibs, burp cloths, nursing cover, nursing pads, changing pad, wet/dry bag for cloth diapers, changing pad cover

-gather recipes for homemade baby food

-gather materials to be used with “curly cutie” this preschool year.

*Of course there is more, but this is all I’ll add for now.  Consider yourself slightly updated.