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Potholders and oven mitts

These have been a long time coming.  Overdue.  I’m talking feeling unnecessary heat on my hands when I’m pulling food out of the oven overdue.  I don’t have any pictures of my old ones…..but, do you remember those plain silver-looking ones?  Yeah, that’s what I had.  Except they were brown and burned is various places.  I think I had even burned through to the batting on one potholder.  Sometimes I’m just so used to holding on to old things that I don’t realize they need to be replaced.

Well, the time has come and I found some wonderful tutorials to help me with this process.  For the oven mitt, I used this tutorial over at Skip to my Lou.  Very easy to follow.  I got everything cut out one night while watching the movie remake of Sparkle with the husband.  Now, if you’ve read an earlier post you already know how I feel about movies.  So glad I had someting fun to do during that time.  Here they are…..

oven mitts-1

oven mitts-2

They add another little pop of yellow to the kitchen.  I’m not even going to address the black and white because you already know the deal.

For the potholders, I decided to go with these fun heart shapes I found over at Sew We Quilt.  I am so pleased with the results.  They work like a charm.

heart potholders

I had a little difficulty adding the bias binding to the blue one.  The method I tried did not leave me with enough binding to flip over the the other side.  The red one came out much better because I went ahead and just sandwiched the potholder in between the binding and called it a day.

blue potholder

See the top?  Nothing worse than sewing on binding and not having enough for it to catch on the other side.  Oh well, it’s going back on the hook just like this.  I just wanted to share that projects don’t always turn out as planned.  And that’s o.k.  That little cosmetic issue does not affect its functionality.

oven mitts and potholders

And here they are.  Ready to go when I need them.  Fun project to add some color to your cooking space.


Two projects with clear vinyl

A couple of things have been in the works over here: celebrating with the birthday girl, attempting to clean/organize her room.  I think I would have a better chance solving world peace than the latter.

Curly Cutie recently turned five.  Yay!!!  Where has the time gone?

This is the second year that I’ve made a birthday dress for CC.  Here is the dress from last year.  I wanted it to be simple yet cute.  I needed to make two dresses this year because CC would be celebrating the big “5” with her friend (J-Renee) born 8 days after her.  J’s mom and I were college roommates.

The colors on the table were pink and purple.  CC in purple.   J-Renee in pink.  It would have been too much like right for me to take pictures after the dresses were made, but nooooo I didn’t do that.

See how simple the design is.  I purchased a 5T t-shirt and added a ruffled strip of fabric to the bottom.  Added a hem to the bottom and I was done.  I went around and around about something else I could make that would incorporate the fabric as well as bring some color to the upper body.  After much deliberation, I decided on a little drawstring bag.  You can see it peeking out from CC’s back in the above pic.

Enter clear vinyl.

I used the vinyl to create a small window in the bag to easily see its contents.  CC has not quite filled up her bag yet.  I think it adds a little something to the traditional all fabric bag.

The birthday girls in action.

All work and no play, makes for a not-so-cool day.  So, the girls clock in for a hard day’s work at the site.


And more work.


Hmmmm, her office looks a lot like her room at home.  Talk about quality care.

Time for fun.


So glad CC had a great time for her birthday.  The girls looked so cute in their dresses and matching drawstring backpacks.

There is another reason why clear vinyl maketh me happy.  I mentioned above that I try, at times, to bring order to CC’s room.  Even more conscious now that AV baby is mobile.  A while back,  I bought some bookshelves and bins to contain the many items CC has in her room.   I don’t know why because hardly anything is in the bin it should be in.  Her cleaning consists of throwing item in hand into nearest bin.  Needless to say, stuff is all over.  Especially puzzle pieces.  I have seen the frustration when she is at the end of a puzzle only to realize she is missing the last one or two pieces.  So I set out to see if I could come up with a solution to contain the puzzles.

Enter clear vinyl, bias binding, and velcro.

I did make this bias binding myself using some fabric I had on hand.  Here is a peek into the process.  There are lots of tutorials online that explain this technique.

Here are a few foam puzzles that needed a stable home.  Some of the family members were missing, hence the reason for this project.  CC has several puzzles that need such attention.  We’ll start with these though.

Using those items, I came up with this….

We like it.  Now, they don’t have to look like this….

Well, that’s it for now.

Have you tried working with clear vinyl?