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Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 13)


cc:  Hey mom?

me:  Yes baby.

cc:  Baby boy looks so different now than when he was born.

me:  You think so?

cc:  Yeah, he looks kinda normal.

me:  Lol!

cc:  Lol.


(It was nearing time for bed when I asked CC to return the staplers she was playing with back to the desk)

me:  Let’s go ahead and put those away, so we can get ready for bed.

cc: (talking to staplers) Well guys, I guess there won’t be a stapler convention tonight.

me:  Aghhhhhhhh!  LOL!


(CC knew I had not been feeling well for a few days and decided she wanted to pray for me at bedtime)

cc:  And Lord, we know that mom hasn’t been feeling well.  So, we just ask that you would heal here BIG body.

me & dad:  (in the middle of the prayer) LOL!

cc:  What’s so funny guys?

me:  Sorry, you can continue.

cc:  If you could just make her big body feel better she will be all better.  And we just thank you for that Lord.


Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 9)





Cc:  Mom, I want you to do your hair.
Me:  Really?  Why?
Cc:  Because you are looking dry and you need to moisturize.  You don’t need to be going outside looking dry like that.
Me:  Lol, ok baby.  (Funny thing is, my hair did lack moisture at the time.  But man, who wants to be told by their 4 year old that they look “whack”?  Lol!)


(It was bed time and CC tried all she could to keep from sleeping in her bed)
Cc:  Mom and Dad, do you guys want to sleep in my room tonight?  Not like a camp-out or anything, but just so we can all be together.
Dad:  Not tonight baby.
Cc:  Can you just sleep in here then dad?
Dad:  No baby
Cc:  Can I sleep in you and mom’s bed?
Dad:  No
Cc:  Can  I sleep on the floor in your room?
Dad:  No.
Cc:  Can I sleep in the living room?
Dad:  No
Cc:  Well dad, I don’t know what else to tell you.
Dad:  I know.  Now good night.
Me:  Lol!


Cc:  Mom, I’m so sorry that you had to talk to  me so much today.
Me:  I don’t mind talking if it’s necessary.
Cc:  Well, maybe tomorrow we can try for a better tone.
Me:  (too tired to laugh for this was after bath time.  All I could do was look at her as she continued to talk)
Cc:  You know, I was reading this article the other day talking about how adults talk loud to their children, and I don’t really like that.
Me:  (again, too tired to laugh.  She was so serious.)


Cc:  Mom, who fed you when you were a baby?
Me:  My mom.
Cc:  Did she breastfeed you, or did you drink from a bottle?
Me:  A bottle.
Cc:  Your mom didn’t breastfeed you at all?
Me:  No.
Cc:  Not even a little bit?
Me:  No.
Cc:  She doesn’t have breasts?
Me:  LOL!!!  Yes, she does.


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