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Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 15)




I know we have been looooong overdue for an installment of conversations.  I fell off in that I just stopped writing this stuff down.  Her shenanigans are so frequent we could have a book by now.  Lol.  Either way, this is a short one but I just had to come and let you know we are back in business.  You all have let me know that you really enjoy these conversations and I want to deliver.  Oh, Curly Cutie is 6 years old.


CC:  I can’t believe you went to sleep in the hospital.

me:  What do you mean?  Oh, when we had baby boy?

CC:  Yes.

me:  Yeah, because I remember you and dad came home each night.

CC:  Yep, every night we slept in our comfortable beds.  Then, when the sun came up we got right up to come and see you.  They fed you breakfast and everything.

(I started thinking about how supportive she was when we were about to deliver baby #2.  She was right by my side until I started pushing, praying me through every contraction.)

me:  You were such a big girl.  You were mommy’s helper.

CC:  Yeah, I just love processes like that that allow me to have those types of experiences.

me:  Lol!  You are funny.

CC:  I mean, I was just so happy to be there for you in your time of need.

me & CC:  LOL!


CC:  Can’t wait to taste these potatoes.

(she tastes a spoonful)

CC:  Ooooh, they’re gooey.

me:  Yeah, I don’t know.  Maybe it’s the potato.

CC:  They are different than before.  I like them though.  It just makes me wonder, “what happened?”

me:  Lol!


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Dapper Plaid Trapper

We are in the 3rd week of Project Run and Play.

This week’s theme is “mad for plaid”.  I decided to sew for baby boy this week.  CC gets most of my sewing energy it seems.  For these four weeks I wanted to sew things the kids can wear in the upcoming cold weather.

I decided to make baby boy a winter hat and coat.  The pattern I used for the coat is the Jude Jacket from Shwin and Shwin.  CC has an outgrown fleece hat I used to make a hat pattern.

I had some plaid fabric on hand I knew I wanted to use for the hat.  I was going for a trapper style hat.  Something to keep him nice and warm and handsome.  I did not meet my goal this week to only use from my stash as I needed wanted the soft sherpa-like fabric.  I guess that’s what it’s called.  It turned out exactly how I wanted it to!


And yes, these pics are taken in the kids’ bathroom.  All I can say is, “It’s real out here!”.  I needed a place to keep him contained.  Lol.

Initially I was torn about using the fabric for the coat.  I wondered if it would give the coat a  feminine feel because of the light fabric combined with the sherpa.  So, I did what I could to make it more manly by adding a few elements (dark buttons, sleeve patch, plaid pocket flap).


DSC00889Pockets are nice, roomy and can hold baby boy’s favorite toys…….cars!

trap4The ears can be flipped up too!  I just used a string and clasp thingy from a purse we had around the house.  See, nothing is safe.  The sleeve patches are from an old winter coat of mine that is too through.  And the buttons are from one of dad’s old coats.



DSC00910Baby boy likes the coat.  I think it’s so funny when kids want to put or leave certain clothes on even if they are in total opposition to the current weather.  Hilarious.

Let’s see if we can make it happen for the last week which is a signature look.

It doesn’t matter what you make, just create!

Counting quilt

For a while now I have been trying to figure out a decor solution for the children’s bathroom.  I really like black and white, so I chose that for the color scheme.  I was feeling so uninspired until I ran across this number quilt.

counting quilt

I thought this would make a perfect wall hanging for the bathroom.  It’s cute and can be used as a learning tool.  As a matter of fact, I have already begun using it while baby boy sits on the potty.  He goes right into counting before I can even think that it’s hanging on the wall behind me.

I went through my stash to find black and white fabric to make this project.  I used fabric from yardage as well as…………curtain remnants of course!

I think it turned out great!  I had a little more wall space I wanted to cover so I added a polka dot border around the quilt.  I also made it to the end and decided not to actually quilt the project.  It was a turn and top-stitch only type of situation.  There is a layer of batting in the middle, and it helps to give it a little weight.  It is backed with a simple gray cotton.


DSC00298And a close up.


There is a wall adjacent to this one that is still empty.  I am thinking about putting the alphabet on it in a fun and creative way.  I just don’t know what that will look like yet.  If you have any suggestions let me know.

I took a short break from sewing clothes to do this project, but it was still made from a free downloadable pattern and instructions.  I think this would be really neat as an even bigger wall hanging in a children’s space or an actual quilt you can use.  I also like the original version in color.

And the sewing fun continues……


And who is that off in the distance?

baby in mirror

None other than baby boy with toothbrush in one hand and car in the other.  Gotta love it!

My Chocolate Drop

Week #3 of Project Run and Play Season 6 is here.  The theme for this week is a boy look.  So quite naturally I used the tot I have on hand.  This theme was quite intimidating if I may say so.  I had not yet ventured into making clothes for my sweet baby boy just yet.  I am really enjoying this sew along because it’s forcing me to go where I have not traveled.

I am all about simplicity, so I decided on a simple sweater, pair of pants, and a hooded sweater vest.  And you already know where my fabric came from.  My stash.

boy look fabric

Golden sweater is 100% cotton.  Tan sweater is a soft wool.  Dark chocolate pants are a stretch corduroy.  AV baby’s outfit is comfortable and moveable.  Just perfect for bringing all his stuffed animals into submission.  Lol!


I ended up using clothes he already wears as patterns.  They seemed to work out just fine.  I definitely knew I needed to make a pair of pants to cover the largeness of his bottom with a cloth diaper on.  We are still going strong.  Well, maybe slightly weakened.  I need to find another solution as this little guy is an extremely heavy wetter.  These diapers just don’t stand a chance for more than an hour.  I digress.  Here are more pics of my guy.


av2 av4

Doesn’t he just look like a little peanut butter and chocolate morsel of goodness?  My husband loathes when I refer to colors as food items.  I’m sorry babe, but I just can’t help it.  Lol.  No matter what color he’s wearing, he’ll always be my chocolate drop!

Bitter Berries

I picked up a package of blackberries from the grocery store in hopes of a treat.  What I bit into made me want to re-treat.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if these berries had not set me back a cool $2.99 for just 6 oz.  Who am I kidding?  It would have been a bad situation if they were a quarter.  They were not good.

I was all excited.  Curly Cutie was pumped up.  It was about to be one happy berry eating fest over here.  But no.  I should have known something was up when I opened the container.

Suspect berries

Fully ripened berries are all black.  I see those highlights.

So, what to do?  I totally could not eat these straight from the package.

SMOOTHIE!!!  That’s what you can do with bitter berries.

Curly Cutie and I jumped right to it.

Into a blender, we added some frozen grape  juice concentrate.  We decided not to go with a dairy base.

Then we started adding fruit.

Frozen strawberries

One fresh banana

and bitter berries

We added ice cubes after initial blend as the consistency was a little runny.

After blending that up…..voila.  Just what we were going for.

This would have not been the perfect snack without our other favorite.  POPCORN!  I kissed microwave popcorn good-bye a long time ago when I started making fresh popcorn on the stove top.  Nothing like it I tell ya.  We use coconut oil to pop the corn, and it gives a nice hint of coconut with each bite.  Not overpowering though, even the Mr. (not a fan of coconut) can get down with this popcorn.

Curly Cutie just lights up when I serve her beverage in a glass.  We sat down and enjoyed a moment together while baby boy napped.

Crisis averted.    I’m sure there are many other things you can do with bitter berries.  Our smoothies were delicious, and my frugal mind could return to a state of peace.


What do you do with bitter fruit?