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DIY Babies Series


The ladies over at iCandy handmade are having a cute little series going on where women are sharing all things baby related.  I am hanging out over there today if you want to stop by.  They have a nice giveaway going on as well.


Bitter Berries

I picked up a package of blackberries from the grocery store in hopes of a treat.  What I bit into made me want to re-treat.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if these berries had not set me back a cool $2.99 for just 6 oz.  Who am I kidding?  It would have been a bad situation if they were a quarter.  They were not good.

I was all excited.  Curly Cutie was pumped up.  It was about to be one happy berry eating fest over here.  But no.  I should have known something was up when I opened the container.

Suspect berries

Fully ripened berries are all black.  I see those highlights.

So, what to do?  I totally could not eat these straight from the package.

SMOOTHIE!!!  That’s what you can do with bitter berries.

Curly Cutie and I jumped right to it.

Into a blender, we added some frozen grape  juice concentrate.  We decided not to go with a dairy base.

Then we started adding fruit.

Frozen strawberries

One fresh banana

and bitter berries

We added ice cubes after initial blend as the consistency was a little runny.

After blending that up…..voila.  Just what we were going for.

This would have not been the perfect snack without our other favorite.  POPCORN!  I kissed microwave popcorn good-bye a long time ago when I started making fresh popcorn on the stove top.  Nothing like it I tell ya.  We use coconut oil to pop the corn, and it gives a nice hint of coconut with each bite.  Not overpowering though, even the Mr. (not a fan of coconut) can get down with this popcorn.

Curly Cutie just lights up when I serve her beverage in a glass.  We sat down and enjoyed a moment together while baby boy napped.

Crisis averted.    I’m sure there are many other things you can do with bitter berries.  Our smoothies were delicious, and my frugal mind could return to a state of peace.


What do you do with bitter fruit?

To my surprise

Something interesting happened.

(This is not the interesting thing, but I must set the scene)  It was probably a couple of months ago when I changed my blog header.  I followed a wonderful tutorial posted by the ever so sweet Donah.  It was so simple to follow.  I had a no-fuss design I played around with in my head for a while.  If you know me, you know I like to keep things simple.  I definitely had to go with my fave color scheme: black & white.  I came up with what you see above.  It didn’t take much time, and I was able to get it done one evening after the kids were in bed.  One of my fave times of the day by the way.

(Interesting thing)  So, the very next day after I created this header, my daughter draws a neat little picture and presents it to me.  Feast your eyes on this paying attention to its components..

I said, “hmm…really?”  Did my baby just give me a different version of the new header I created for my blog?  I think she did.  Interesting and pretty cool.

I mean, what do you say to that?

Sneak peek into Curly Cutie’s 4th birthday

It all started with this lovely fabric……..

I have a confession.  I LOVE BLACK & WHITE!!!  It drives me bananas!  In a good way of course.  And don’t add a pop of color in there…..I’m just done, you hear me?  So, please don’t be surprised if almost everything I put my hand to make has an element of black & white, black or white, black & color, white & color.  Like this gift.  I don’t know, but you have been told in advance the type of situation it is over here.  Lol.  One day I’ll have to share a deeper reason for my love of these colors.  For now, we’ll prepare to enjoy the role they played in making my daughter’s special day very pretty.  She had a great time!

Have any idea of how I used this fabric for Curly Cutie’s birthday?

About this blog

1.  This blog is a virtual extension of what I have been doing for years……….journaling.  See My handwritten life.  This is cool because I can add pictures unlike my handwritten journals.

Speaking of pictures, those that I post on this blog are my own unless otherwise specified.  I could definitely use a lesson or two or one hundred on the art of taking pictures.  I don’t know how to for real use my camera (you know other than the basic point and click).  It’s not all fancy-shmancy either.  Just a good ol’ Sony Cybershot.

2.  This blog is an invitation to part of my heart.  To live again.  See The Great Shut-down.

3.  This blog is about my journey with Jesus.  You are liable to find anything in these pages.  He cares about it all.  From my “couponing ways” and “crafty days” to the times where I just sit at his feet.  In the words of my dear friend Sara Groves, from her song Conversations (she doesn’t know we’re friends yet though)……..

We’ve had every conversation in the world
About what is right and what has all gone bad,
But have I mentioned to you that this is all I am,
This is all that I have.


Somewhere somehow this subject became taboo.
I have no other way to communicate to you.
This is all that I am.
This is all that I have.


The only thing that isn’t meaningless to me
Is Jesus Christ and the way he set me free.
This is all that I have. This is all that I am.

And for those of the audio/visual persuasion….


I know that talking like this does not thrust me into the category of the “accepted” in this world.  Good thing is, I don’t live for man’s approval anymore (honestly, sometimes it’s still a struggle, but it’s my goal nonetheless).  I have been joined with the One that has captured my affections, and His approval alone is what my heart longs for.

I’m disturbed by the fact that many-a-heart have been wounded by things done in the name of God/Jesus that had no origin in Them.  I’ve done some of the wounding.  We are all broken people that mess things up at times.  If you have been wounded, I pray that you begin to “feel” again.  There is a love that goes deeper than anything I’ve ever known.  I’ve tried many other things that do not satisfy.  Trust Jesus.