Havana style twists

Thought I would drop in to share a new hairstyle for Curly Cutie.  I am often on the look-out for things to do with her hair.  She has thin, fine natural hair.  Styles where her hair is put away such as braids or twists work really well and help keep the hair from tangling like it normally would in a loose state.

Quite a while ago, I ran across a style called Havana twists.  I thought they were really cute, and this was before they took the natural hair community by storm.  They were much thicker than the average two-strand twists and boasted an invisible attachment method.  After seeing the process of how some naturals put these particular twists in I thought it was easy enough to give a try.  I also thought it would not be too rough on Curly Cutie’s hair and I’d benefit from not spending hours putting in and taking down braids because they tend to be small on her fine strands.

There are lots of tutorials on how to do these twists.  There is even a particular hair I believe that was originally used for these twists.  That’s why I’m calling them “Havana style” twists.  I did not make CC’s twists as thick as normal Havana twists would be and I used Marley braid hair to achieve the look.

This is a fresh set of twists.

twists1To get the curl at the bottom, I used thin perm rods and dipped the twists in hot water to set the curl.  I had to leave the hair this long as it is only about 2 inches longer than her hair.


I did brick layer parts on most of the head except for the front.  I wanted her to be able to have a part if she wore it down.


I really like these because they do not pull to tightly at the scalp.




I think they were a success.  Curly Cutie is pleased and has had fun wearing different styles.


16 thoughts on “Havana style twists

      1. I asked because my daughter is taking hairdressing and she is taking a very intense course which includes all hair types. Apparently that is a rarity and she will be considered extremely qualified and in demand when she is done. I am going to show her the pics of your cutie. Thanks for sharing with us!

      2. She will certainly be in demand if she is well versed in different types of hair. It will be neat for her to learn about afro-textured kinky/curly hair. A good portion of the population with this type of hair have opted for a straighter look to be considered more socially accepted and appealing. Oh, and for supposed better manageability. However, the past few years have proven that their is a shifting and people are desiring to return to their “natural” hair as it grows from the scalp. Problem is some have a hard time learning how to care for and maintain healthy hair. If your daughter is able to assess the state of the hair, and be able to walk with people through the journey of discovering what their hair needs (providing encouragement for tough seasons and all of that), she will not want for business. Lol. Thanks for stopping by Tracy.

  1. Tamika, those mother-daughter hair styling sessions will be something CC (and you) will always treasure. Last summer when I went home, my “Bebe Girl” (age 28) asked me out of the blue: “Mama, will you please French braid my hair like you used to?” What fun!

    I agree with your comments about educating young people to style their natural hair. Seems like I fought with mine all my life (fine, thin, straight) trying to mimic “popular” styles. Natural hair is our crowning glory and you’re teaching CC a valuable lesson about accepting and loving herself exactly as God made her. By the way, she’s adorable in her Havana style twists!

    1. Aww, your daughter wanted you to braid her hair. So sweet. I hope my little one remembers this time we spend together. I thought this style turned out well for her. She doesn’t want me to take it down, and that time has come. Thanks.

  2. May I ask where you ordered your Marley hair from? I want to do this style for my 3 yo girl and have nowhere in town that sells this hair, so I’ll have to order online. Not sure which kind to buy. There are so many options!

    1. Hi Beth! I purchased the hair from a local beauty supply. Sally Beauty Supply carries marley hair if you have one of those in your area. I have not purchased this hair online before, but many have had success doing so. You’ll want the hair the that has any combo of these words: marley, braid, afro, kinky, hair. No matter the brand(and there are many of them), the hair will pretty much produce the same result. It is a synthetic fiber that has a course feel to it. The hair does range in price. I’m able to get it in my area for $5.99. Here is one link I found for the hair. And you are right, there are lots of options.


      You can also do a search for the hair and take a look at what other online stores sell it if you think that would help you decide. Oh, and pretty much the same amount comes in each pack no matter the manufacturer. If I can help with anything else just let me know.

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