Moms Know Moms Series


My dear friend Shannon over at Little Kids Grow started a neat interview series where moms from all walks are sharing about how they do life.  I am hanging out over there today adding my two cents.


10 thoughts on “Moms Know Moms Series

  1. Tamika, I’m so beyond the “hands on” phase you’re dealing with, but I enjoyed your interview tremendously! Your two cents (and Shannon’s) made me glad I’m a Mom, with all of the blessings and responsibilities it involved (and continues to involve.) Sometimes all you can do is sit back and praise God. Just did. Great post(s)!

  2. Tamika, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Moms Know Moms series, and they chose to feature a wonderful woman of God. Every time I read your blog Clouds Full of Rain, I learn something new about myself, and I just got checked. Wow! He uses you immensely. I am blessed to call you friend. I love you lady!
    Until He Returns,

  3. What a wonderful interview! I am so glad I know what your blog title means, you truly empty yourself out, I appreciate your encouragement so much. I too desire to be a cloud full of rain. oh, and those twists on your daughter are awesome! Do they help stretch out the curl when you take them out?

    1. Hey Nellie! Thanks for stopping by. You know, I kinda struggled with naming my blog cloudsfullofrain because it sounds somewhat ominous. It probably makes people think of a dreary day. The meaning behind it is so special to me, I went ahead with it.
      I don’t remember when I stumbled upon your blog, but I’m glad I did. It’s always good running across artisans that make beautiful AND meaningful creations.
      And yes, when I took those twists out she had the most beautiful corkscrew curls. I didn’t detangle and wash her hair immediately so she had a good time bee-bopping around with her stretched curls.

      1. I am glad you went ahead with it, I really love the metaphor and I am sure others will appreciate it to. I am def going to try these twists, you are the third person who has recommended them, I am still dealing with major shrinkage and want my curls to look longer. Oh and thank you for your lovely words!!!!!!

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