Counting quilt

For a while now I have been trying to figure out a decor solution for the children’s bathroom.  I really like black and white, so I chose that for the color scheme.  I was feeling so uninspired until I ran across this number quilt.

counting quilt

I thought this would make a perfect wall hanging for the bathroom.  It’s cute and can be used as a learning tool.  As a matter of fact, I have already begun using it while baby boy sits on the potty.  He goes right into counting before I can even think that it’s hanging on the wall behind me.

I went through my stash to find black and white fabric to make this project.  I used fabric from yardage as well as…………curtain remnants of course!

I think it turned out great!  I had a little more wall space I wanted to cover so I added a polka dot border around the quilt.  I also made it to the end and decided not to actually quilt the project.  It was a turn and top-stitch only type of situation.  There is a layer of batting in the middle, and it helps to give it a little weight.  It is backed with a simple gray cotton.


DSC00298And a close up.


There is a wall adjacent to this one that is still empty.  I am thinking about putting the alphabet on it in a fun and creative way.  I just don’t know what that will look like yet.  If you have any suggestions let me know.

I took a short break from sewing clothes to do this project, but it was still made from a free downloadable pattern and instructions.  I think this would be really neat as an even bigger wall hanging in a children’s space or an actual quilt you can use.  I also like the original version in color.

And the sewing fun continues……


And who is that off in the distance?

baby in mirror

None other than baby boy with toothbrush in one hand and car in the other.  Gotta love it!


20 thoughts on “Counting quilt

  1. Wow you are so gifted, great idea n great execution, congrats. I had a vision of the adjacent wall decorated with chunky plastic letters or numbers kind of casting little shadows because of how thick they are they kind of stand away from the wall, not the whole alphabet but a word spelled out, a nice use of negative space to contrast the quilt. Just a thought. 🙂

    1. Hey Dawn! Thank you girl. Thanks also for the ideas. I was trying to figure out if I wanted to include the whole alphabet or just a few words. The entire wall is empty from ceiling to floor. I thought about putting some type of string on the wall and using clothes pins to clip the alphabet to the string. I like your idea of spelling out a word. I thought about having something where Curly Cutie can spell out words. We’ll have to see.

      It looks like I have some reading to catch up on from your blog.

      1. Hey, no problem, your projects are so inspiring! I haven’t been posting regulary since i got back into school but I’m planning on taking some time this holiday weekend to catch up and thanks again for your support. 🙂

      2. Yes, I definitey plan of doing that. I found a youtube maxi dress tutorial that inspired me, on it they made a long tube with elastic at waist and on top so its strapless, I want to tweak mine so that it has two side seams and instead of of the tube top effect it would have and empire waist and the top wiill be drapey/greecian style.

  2. how big does this blanket turn out to be? I tried printing the template of of joann’s website and the numbers seem pretty small. Am I missing something??

    1. Hi newsewer. The counting quilt is more of a wall hanging than it is an actual quilt you use. It’s dimensions are 21″ x 24″. Mine turned out to be a little bigger with the border I added. I made it to hang on a bathroom wall. Hope that helps.

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