Popover Sundress

How is it that Curly Cutie has pretty much taken over the blog?

How could I not jump on the oliver + s Popover Sundress train?  I just had to!  The Popover Sundress is a free pattern released by oliver + s.

It seemed like it would be an easy sew, and it was.  For Curly Cutie, I cut a size 4 with the length of a size 8.  I used a little bit of piping to accent the front of the dress.  The length hit above the knee, so we threw on leggings underneath.



This freebie also comes with a doll-sized dress pattern.  So, we had to make one for Curly Cutie’s baby too.


DSC00209Ha!  The pattern is sized for an 18″ doll, and this doll is about 14″ or 15″.  I chopped off about an inch from the pattern, which wasn’t really enough.  But hey, we have more like a popover maxi.  That’s just fine with CC.  She was pretty excited about her mini-me.


I should also mention that I thought it would be cool to share about the summer clothes I’ve made for CC using other free and self-drafted patterns.  So, I’ll be sharing some of those items here soon.  It has been a pretty fun journey.  I am enjoying the learning process as  well as the final products.  Maybe I’ll get serious about making some items for myself.


11 thoughts on “Popover Sundress

  1. Tamika, I’m impressed with your attention to detail, including matching the dots on the diagonal. (Bias?) Forgive me, it’s been a long time since I sewed anything, but my Mom insisted on doing things “right.” Even the dolly’s dress is a testament to your TLC. So many store-bought clothes today are thrown-together — the stripes don’t match, etc. — and it’s heartening to see someone sewing with care. And LOVE! Ah yes, the greatest of these is love.. 🙂

    1. Awww, Kim. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I really am enjoying this learning process. I’m just trying to soak it all in. It means a lot to have a cheerleader miles away. And you’ve been there from the beginning rooting me on! For that I am grateful. You’re the best!

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