Handmade happy birthday!

I was trying to figure out what I’ve been doing over here.  Now, you know I’ve been sewing.  After some thought, I realized that I’ve been having fun making birthday presents.  Birthday’s are so sweet and special.  It’s like God kisses the earth every time someone is born!  Life is so precious and deserves to be celebrated, right?  We don’t necessarily need gifts to do this, but they do add a special touch.  So, here’s what I’ve been making….

Remember this clutch made from a curtain remnant?


Well, I had a couple other remnants with this similar floral print.  I have a dear sweet friend that I wanted to make pillows for.  She enjoys adding beauty to her home, and I thought she might like to add a little elegance to one of her spaces.  I used a basic envelope-style design for these pillows.  Super easy, and there are lots of tutorials on how to make these.  I just used some store bought pillow forms to stuff the covers.  I was very pleased with how they turned out.




Next up are a couple of messenger bags for a set of twins; the same twins I made the artist roll-ups for.  Continuing on with the theme of upcycling, I decided to use a bed skirt given to me by the very friend I made the above pillows for.


See, gifts just keep on giving!  I thought the fabric was perfect because it resembles canvas.  It’s sturdy, and I’m sure it will hold up to much wear.  The style of this bag was inspired by one of my husband’s bags.  It features two front pockets with faux button velcro closures and an adjustable strap.  I used bias tape to encase all raw edges.  I did not make an inside lining for these bags, so the bias tape worked perfectly.

DSC09920 DSC09921 DSC09923 DSC09925

I really hope they enjoy these.

Last but not least, I had the privilege to make a birthday dress for a little ones 1st birthday.  The party theme was ladybugs of course.  And get this, more curtain remnants folks.  The mom of this sweet baby girl gifted me with a huge box of curtain remnants that I’ve used for many projects.  The polka dots were cut from yardage.  The lady bug is appliqued onto the white eyelet fabric, and embroidery thread was used for the antennas.  It was my first time using an embroidery hoop.  The belt is removable.  I enjoyed this color palette.  You don’t really see the turquoise added in with the traditional lady bug colors black and red.  So, I thought that was a fun twist.

A little bit of planning did go into the selection of this style dress.  I sent my friend a couple of collages for design inspiration and asked for her feedback.  She really liked the first dress in the top row (made by a seller on etsy).  So, I used it as my inspiration to make the dress.

clothes collage decor collage

DSC09945 DSC09947 DSC09950

I was asked to incorporate the blue into the head piece somehow, so I just mimicked the style of the other ribbons and added a removable piece.


The kids and I were able to go to the birthday party of this sweet little one.  I must say she was quite adorable.  Everything worked out great.


24 thoughts on “Handmade happy birthday!

  1. I squealed each time I came to a new project on your post today. To start with, I loved what you said about God kissing the earth each time someone is born. What a lovely thing to say! Then I was marveling at the beautiful pillows and how you tied them together to present them. I was impressed by the matching messenger bags only to be wowed again by that adorable dress. You have indeed been busy and your family and friends are blessed to have you in their lives!!
    Kepp on sewin’!!!

    1. Thank you for such a sweet message Beth! You make me laugh. I can just imaging you squealing. I had a great time making these gifts. I am even more blessed that I have such wonderful people in my life. Thanks so much for your encouragement!

  2. Wow, you are such a beautiful and natural writer and your sewing projects are gorgeous!!! I haven’t pulled out my machine in quite some time but after seeing your work I am so inspired to make myself some summer maxi dresses, I’m really tall and never find my length in the store. Keep up the fantastic work my friend!!

    1. Thanks so much Dawn! You gotta pull that machine out and make some maxi dresses! Lol. I have made a couple of maxi skirts for myself so far. I am just now starting to make items for myself. Feels kinda good. Lol.

  3. Thank you for stopping by Clothed in Love and the follow. I am loving all of your creations. You’re the repurpose QUEEN in my eyes. You definitely have an artistic eye and mad sewing skills. I followed you back and I’m looking forward to seeing other creations by you.

    1. That is very kind of you to say Delonna! I am thoroughly enjoying the world of sewing. I also enjoy meeting other creative people like you. I definitely want to keep up with your work over at Clothed in Love. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Tamika, I love your color combinations and “recycling creativity.” (Sounds like a potential home-based business, crafting gifts to celebrate special days!) FYI, I buy ready-made pillows after the holidays (Christmas in particular) and remove whatever “coverings” — the markdowns are phenomenal and it’s much more economical than purchasing pillow forms, even on sale. Keep an eye out for those clearance bins… 🙂 You’re a whiz at converting “treasures!”

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