For the young artist

One of my dear friends asked me to come up with a gift for her twin nephews who like to draw.  I knew I wanted to make some type of roll-up.  I was inspired by Lotta Jansdotter‘s Tool Roll from her Simple Sewing book.  Lindsay over at Lindsay Pindsay made a roll-up for her knitting needles inspired by the same pattern.  Hers is similar to the one in the book.

lindsay pindsay roll up

I slightly modified the pattern to come up with a design I thought would work for the boys.  So, here’s my take on it.


I filled them with some random items I have here at the house just to give my friend some ideas of what they can put in their roll ups.  For the colored binding strips I just used some material from cut up t-shirts.


The outside fabric is from……..wait for it…………a curtain remnant.  Let me guess, you weren’t surprised.  I used the music print because, if my memory serves me correct, they are a part of a musical family of singers and musicians.


My friend just told me that the boys have been enjoying their roll ups.  They love to sit and draw.  That is all I can ask for.  It feels so good to create an item that others will enjoy and are able to use.  The boys have a birthday coming up in April and I will be making them messenger bags to hold their things.

Done any upcycling lately?


7 thoughts on “For the young artist

  1. I bet the boys loved these! My favorite gift as child was a box full of tape, scissors, paint, colored pencils, makers, and paint. Even better that you upcycled to make it!
    Have a great day!

    1. And look at you…..still creative today. You just upgraded your tape, scissors, pencils, etc. Lol! You know I had to upcycle something Beth. I guess that’s just my thing. Thanks for the comment.

  2. what wonderful organisers.,When I was a kid you could get these amazing pencil cases in Belgium, with elastic strips to keep everything tidy, I loved mine and spent hours arranging everything in it!

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