Patchwork stripes

Second week of Project Run and Play‘s Season 6 sew-along is here.  I made it through week #1 alive.  We’ll just take this thing a day at a time.

This week’s theme is Stripes and Polka dots.

And again, my goal was to use items I already had on hand.  I thought I would kick things up several notches in the color department, as my last week’s design was monochromatic.  Not only did I bring in some color, but I tried a new technique……patchwork stripes.  I don’t think I can throw myself into the “quilter” category just yet, but I’m headin’ in that direction.  I had to figure out some way to create stripes since I don’t have any striped fabric.  If you look closely you can find dots in some of the stripes.  I decided to go with a tiered skirt, simple tank-style shirt , and asymmetrical sleeveless cardigan.


For the skirt I used material from a couple of charm packs, and a couple of fat-quarter batik prints.  The shirt is made from a curtain remnant.  Cardigan is made from a ribbed knit.  Pattern for shirt and cardigan were self drafted (shirt using instructions from improv sewing book).  I used Ashley’s tutorial over at Make It & Love It for the skirt.

Timeless Treasures Tonga Treat Gelato
Timeless Treasures Tonga Treat Gelato
Jennifer Paganelli (West Indies)
Jennifer Paganelli (West Indies)
Fat Quarter Batiks
Fat Quarter Batiks
curtain remnant
curtain remnant

This was such a fun outfit to make.  I was very surprised at how the skirt turned out.  I really think it’s an art how quilters are able to choose fabrics the work well together.  I don’t know all of the rules and am kinda glad about that.  I just go with the flow.  I also go with what I have.  I really wanted to make a circle skirt, but quickly learned I didn’t have enough fabric for that.  Tiered skirt it is!

patchwork5I ended up using pretty long strips of fabric, so it kinda gave me the full effect of a circle skirt.  I love that the soft elastic band around the waist of the skirt will give Curly Cutie several seasons of wear in this piece.  She was very cooperative while allowing me to take pictures of her.  And had a little fun along the way.  It was cold, but she was glad to be outside for a few minutes.

pics39 276 pics39 231

patchwork collage

She likes it and I’m glad!


40 thoughts on “Patchwork stripes

  1. I like how you combined the different patterns and colors in the skirt. It’s so playful and fun. Perfect for a little girl. Looks like she likes it, too. Little girls are so fun to sew things for. I just might have to try making something like this for my little cutie. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much Beth! It was fun to make. I do like how bright the colors are since I am usually drawn to more subdued colors. No harm in changing things up a bit, huh? Please show us if you make one.

  2. What a darling outfit on a beautiful little girl! The skirt is beautiful in all those colors and fabrics and I love the drape of the cardigan. The pop of turquoise for the shirt details was the perfect finishing touch.

    1. Cortney, I am slowly getting hip to all these great fabric designers. The skirt fabric was chosen on a whim a while ago. I wasn’t sure what I would use it for, but am glad I was able to put them together to make an item I am pleased with.

    1. Michelle, the feeling is mutual. If those floral pants with piping are not the cutest, I don’t know what is. You did a great job on your outfit. I think it all works together so beautifully!

  3. Super cute. Great colors and the back of the little shirt looks great! I love how the patchwork skirt turned out – really a fun look!

  4. I hope you are loving Improv Sewing and have used it to make things for yourself as well. We are always super interested in everything folks are making out there so stick them on our Flickr page, if you ever feel like it! Do! Find the page here:
    That outfit, by the way, is stellar! What a cutie.

    1. Hi Nicole! So nice of you to drop me a line. I REALLY enjoyed you and Debra’s book. So fun and gave me a new outlook on sewing. I still consider myself pretty new to the game as of Apr 2011, but I have found some pretty unique inspiration along the way. Your book is one of them. Thanks for flickr link. I sure will post related projects in there. I have not made anything for myself yet, but that will change soon. Thanks for the compliment on my daughter’s outfit!

  5. Ok I know I told you, but I want witnesses. I want you to make me something.? That outfit is so beautiful and you ability to put clothes together impresses me. That is a gift.

  6. Love the skirt and the asymmetrical cardigan! I’m nervous to draft something myself but your cardigan makes me want to figure this out for my little girl, she would love this whole look!

    1. Thanks Sara! Please don’t be nervous. Even if you continue to be nervous, just jump in anyway! My knowledge is as basic as it comes. I’m generally using tutorials online or I may be able to catch a pattern or two on sale for $.99 at my local craft store (then I still have to learn to read it before I can even begin). If I don’t take one of those routes, I’m using a piece of clothing I have on hand as inspiration for a new piece. That’s what happened with this cardigan. I have one that I really enjoy wearing, so carefully looked it over and used one of my daughter’s shirts for sizing and made one for her.

  7. Love, love, love it! When my daughter was two, six years ago, I made one similar. I’m going to have to make her another patchy skirt!

    1. Thanks Teresa! You’ll definitely have to whip up another one for your big girl. They are just so fun. I was so glad I experimented with those colors which was something I had not done before then. I stopped by your blog and you have a beautiful family! The petals on your daughter’s skirt are so fun, and I am all over that color right now.

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