Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 14)




(Sometimes CC asks me questions about death.  She says the following in the middle of one of those conversations.)

CC:  I think death is so “ug”.

Me:  What is “ug”?

CC:  It’s another word for “not so good”.

Me:  Lol.  Oh, ok.


(CC busts through the door of the room I was sitting in)

CC:  Mom, can you come and make me some breakfast?  I asked dad if he would make me some and he said “no”.  So, I came to investigate.

Me:  LOL.  Investigate what?

CC:  I came to investigate you to see whether or not you would fix me a big breakfast of oatmeal.

Me:  Lol!  Yes, I’ll fix you some oatmeal.

(CC immediately leaves the room, closing the door behind her)

CC:  (In somewhat of a loud voice) Daaaaad.  I went in to investigate mom and she said she’s gonna do it.


CC:  Can I have my cookie for breakfast?

Me:  No you cannot.

CC:  Remember when I had brownies and icecream for breakfast one day?

Me:  Yes, I can’t believe we let you do that.

CC:  Why mom?

Me:  Because, although it was fun, it’s not good for you.  That’s o.k.  We’ll be phasing sugar out of our home anyway.

CC:  When today?  Or this year?

Me:  This year.

CC:  Yeah, cuz I’m gonna read my type 2 diabetes book today and that tells you about some good things you can do for your body.

Me:  Agggghh!  LOL!!!

(We did put that book on her shelf, because at one point she liked looking at the pictures.  Now that she’s reading I have no clue what info her little brain is retaining.  No one in the home has diabetes and we want to keep it that way.)


CC:  Can I have Dora fruit snacks before we cut sugar out of our lives?

Me:  Lol.  Probably not.

CC:  Well, I was thinking mom, if we cut sugar out and we go to the state fair this year, we won’t be able to have a funnel cake.

Me:  That’s exactly what that means.  Lol.  (I’m laughing because the state fair is is in August.  Why is she thinking that far ahead?)

(I don’t want to do a total deprivation kind of thing, but hope to get to a point where we are eating more nutritious foods that are equally as satisfying.)


4 thoughts on “Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 14)

  1. Tamika, I can practically see Curly Cutie’s wheels turning… what a thinker you’re raising! (Although I know you won’t take any credit for that.) 😉 She’s truly an inspiration and a source of smiles!

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