Oatmeal containers for storage

I’m often trying to find ways to organize things around the home, especially in the kids’ room.  No matter how many times I straighten up their storage bins, things just don’t end up back where they belong.  I was thinking that maybe if they had some labeled storage containers, certain items might make it back to their home.
Enter oatmeal containers

(This is not a tutorial.  There are may wonderful people out there that have provided instructions on doing similar projects.  I am just sharing a little about my process.)

I started saving these guys for the purpose of turning them into storage containers.  I even had them on one of the kids’ shelves for some time now.  I knew one day I would get around to covering them as they are not that easy on the eyes in the beautification department.

Enter scrapbooking paper

And in my fave duo, black and white.  This particular paper was nice and thin, so I thought I would give it a go.  I cut the paper down to size and began to carefully wrap it around the container while applying Mod Podge as I went along.

Pretty simple process that didn’t take much time.  I tried to keep the paper flat to prevent air pockets.

How is that for a face lift?  Next, I wanted to create labels for the containers.  I used colors that coordinated with what’s already going on in the room.  I used solid cardstock to complete this step.  I didn’t have the right color green I was looking for, so I just used an old envelope from a card that was sent to me a while ago.  See, you can use just about anything.

I opened up MS Word to print the labels in black and white, and used a strong clear tape to make them appear laminated.

I used a sticky-back velcro to secure the labels to the containers.  Labels can be removed and replaced by other ones just in case I decide to change the containers’ contents.

And here they are on the shelf.

I’m so happy with how they turned out.  This has really worked well in keeping like items together.  Baby boy has no concept of cleaning up after himself just yet, so he pulls everything off the shelves and leaves it there.  Curly Cutie seems to enjoy being able to go to the shelf and pick out a container to play with.  I enjoy seeing her put it back where it belongs after she’s done.  Lol.

This is definitely a project I will do again.

Have you done anything with the sticky-goodness that is Mod Podge?


3 thoughts on “Oatmeal containers for storage

  1. Tamika, a little imagination goes a long way, spurred on by a great idea! I was thinking this would be a neat way to spruce up my pantry — measuring spoons, cups, etc. in one place instead of rattling around in drawers; candy thermometer, baster, & microplane “upright” & protected — you get the picture! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

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