To my surprise

Something interesting happened.

(This is not the interesting thing, but I must set the scene)  It was probably a couple of months ago when I changed my blog header.  I followed a wonderful tutorial posted by the ever so sweet Donah.  It was so simple to follow.  I had a no-fuss design I played around with in my head for a while.  If you know me, you know I like to keep things simple.  I definitely had to go with my fave color scheme: black & white.  I came up with what you see above.  It didn’t take much time, and I was able to get it done one evening after the kids were in bed.  One of my fave times of the day by the way.

(Interesting thing)  So, the very next day after I created this header, my daughter draws a neat little picture and presents it to me.  Feast your eyes on this paying attention to its components..

I said, “hmm…really?”  Did my baby just give me a different version of the new header I created for my blog?  I think she did.  Interesting and pretty cool.

I mean, what do you say to that?


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