5 days, 5 gifts – Day 1

Around this time a year ago, I embarked upon a journey that has proven to be quite interesting and fulfilling. Learning to sew. Some of you recall my very first sewing post about a quilt. That’s where it all began.

It’s kinda hard to believe all that has happened in one year. Started this blog. Began learning to sew, had a water birth, decided to homeshcool, had some relationships restored, had some relationships fizzle, became more aware of areas I am prone to sin, learned how to cook some of my favorite Indian dishes, started visiting a house church. Oh, I could get carried away with this list. This is supposed to be about sewing and crafts.

To celebrate this newfound joy in being crafty, I thought it would be fun to take the next 5 days and post a gift made by me each day. Sometimes I’m asked about the kinds of handmade items I create. The next 5 days will be another peek into my beautiful handmade world.

First up……….

Betcha didn’t know I could bake. Well, I don’t really. Not anything that you would wanna write home about anyway. This cake is not edible for its contents are only to be used on a baby’s bottom. It’s a DIAPER CAKE! Why did I feel cheesy typing that? Oh, well.

Ok, so at the time I made this I had not been invited to a baby shower or anything. I just made it. Sometimes I just be making stuff. Lol. Sometimes it’s just good to create. We were born with that in us. Whether it’s an idea, a dance, an easier way to organize, underwater basketweaving, or an idea to eliminate hunger……it doesn’t matter. We are all interested in something. I feel like I now have an itty-bitty glimpse into how God felt after he looked at everything he created in the beginning. He said it was good!

I knew deep down in my heart that one day I would be able to give this cake away. Don’t you know that day came? My source informed me that the recipient loved the cake. It happened to be colors she is particularly fond of. Score. And you know how much I love black and white with a pop of color. She is a woman after my own heart.

And for details if you so desire…..

I wanted to put my own spin on a diaper cake. A modern spin of sorts.

Top tier is accented with faux flowers to conceal the diapers. Two types and sizes of ribbon were used to decorate. Cake was created with 1 package of size 1 diapers.

Middle layer was covered with a damask patterned fabric and wrapped with ribbon.

Bottom layer is similar to top, but smaller flowers were used to hide diapers. If the diapers were all white I probably would not have added the flowers. I could not have some cartoon characters clashing with my mod-ness. This was so not your traditional diaper cake. I was pleased with the results. Even more pleased to give it away.

Well, that’s it for Day 1. Go to Day 2.

Have you put your spin on anything here lately? A recipe? A song? A business practice?

5 thoughts on “5 days, 5 gifts – Day 1

  1. Tamika, no wonder the recipient of your gift was so happy — it’s beautiful, fun, creative and useful! I agree with you on our “built in” creativity from The Creator — I’m happiest when I’m using those gifts and sharing them with others, too.

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