The Blessing – March 7

Husband – I thank God for allowing you to see another year.  I bless you with fresh vision for the days ahead.  May you know faith in a greater way this year.

Daughter – You are gentle and kind.  Your sensitive spirit allows you to be aware of the needs of those around you.  I bless you with balance as you learn to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Son – I bless you to grow strong and mighty in body, soul and spirit.  I thank God for His continued provision for you.

If I could only remember, at all times, how powerful words are, maybe I wouldn’t have to apologize so much for saying dumb stuff.  I mean, once it’s out there – it’s out there.  I’m so glad that life-giving words with right actions following can overcome a lot of dumb stuff. 

From the days of Abraham to the present, Jewish people have employed the principle of the blessing.  From my understanding, blessing their children was apart of their weekly worship time.  The blessing is also used at another significant time, in celebration of the passage from childhood to adulthood.  It’s a big deal, and these celebrations definitely rise to the importance of the occasion.

And again, one definition of THE BLESSING is a combination of words and actions that paints a permanent picture in a person’s soul.  To bless another is to give them honor, praise, importance, and to lift them up, encourage them, and embolden them for a better life. 

Parents and grandparents lay hands on the children and bless them.

They call their children out. 

They call them into adulthood.  Into manhood.  Into womanhood 

They don’t wait for the world to tell them that they can do whatever they are big and bad enough to do because they are 18.  Or that although they confer adulthood upon themselves they really have no ability to make sound decisions because their brains won’t even be fully developed until age 26 (or whatever age this supposedly happens). 

At 12 or 13 they are being celebrated and welcomed into adulthood, being made aware of its responsibilities and privileges (and given opportunities to walk in them). 

I wonder what would happen if we stopped viewing children as little people who don’t matter much because they’re too young and inexperienced to really understand how the world works and do anything about it.  Should we move them from being seen and not heard to being seen and heard?  On second thought, maybe not.  Quiet time is my friend.  I will institute a quiet time with the quickness when I’m in the car with Curly Cutie.  They don’t have to talk all the time – do they?  I mean, sometimes I can hardly get a word in edgewise.  Quiet time ensures that there is peace for all mankind in my home. 

Some may think it’s strange or downright foolish to expect 13 year olds to act like adults.  Well, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jewish people have found great success in this world (finance, science, etc.) because THE BLESSING is passed down from generation to generation.  Fathers and mothers bless their children who then go out into the world and excel.

I wonder what would happen if young girls were celebrated the first time Aunt Flow came to town.  Which seems to be younger and younger these days.  Makes me wonder if it’s the stuff in the food we’re eating.  I don’t know.  Maybe there wouldn’t be so much shame, or maybe they would know, appreciate and value what their bodies actually have the capability of doing.  Maybe it would do no good at all and my blurb on this topic only serves as proof that I’m still a bit on edge because I was welcomed into this time of my life by a plastic bag of sanitary napkins kindly delivered through a male cousin.  Figure that one out. 

Day 67 for my family and the blessing.  My mind has already gone to thinking about how we will celebrate their transition into adulthood if it is the Lord’s will.  Someone has to come into agreement with what’s on God’s heart and what He is saying about the generations we are raising.  Here is to hoping I will clearly hear His voice and respond in faith concerning those in my home and those whose paths I cross.

For more posts on THE BLESSING.


3 thoughts on “The Blessing – March 7

  1. Tamika, if blessings are a permanent picture painted on the soul, then you are an artist, and a gifted one, at that! Such powerful musings… especially on womanhood. Ahhh yes… my “initiation” into that club was via the “pamphlets” placed in my older sister’s dresser drawer… nothing discussed, nor advised. Blessings are necessary for the passage of life — and knowledge — into the JOY in “being” who God created you to be. Without them, it’s a long road (but a passable one, via His grace.) Thank you for a lovely post!

    1. Kim, thank you for your continued words of encouragement. Your words about the long road being a passable one are so true. God is not limited by the mistakes of our parents/caregivers. And just like any loving father, knows how to call out His own.

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