What I shoulda said…..

Man, as I write this, it’s early in the morning and I feel like I’ve already put in a days worth of work mentally.  So many things to consider.  To reconsider.  To change. To add to.  One of the reasons I started this blog was to let my heart live again.  I talk about that in this series. After 30+ blog posts, I’m learning that my writing has been nothing more than a light massage to my heart.  I gotta get the blood flowing again.  Hence my proposal of amendments to previous posts in the form of a new series……”What I Shoulda Said…….”  I will revisit some topics I’ve touched on before, but this time I’ll share more.  I left out parts that make me uniquely me.  Over the years I’ve become accustomed to mostly listening.  Not that I don’t share or don’t want to share, I’m just limited .  Unless, of course, you are one that has learned the art of asking ME questions.  I’m an internal processor by nature.  My heart is like a deep well, but those who ask the right questions generally get the goods.  If I’m going to move forward with this blog, some things must change.  I don’t want to write just to be writing.  I don’t want to make a name or platform for myself.  I must answer the questions that are not being asked.  I must share the contents of the well.  That is, if I really want to live a life that is poured out.

Coming:  What I shoulda said (on marriage)….


3 thoughts on “What I shoulda said…..

  1. Wow, Tamika, wow… I was so moved by what you wrote, I asked if I could read it aloud to my husband. He’s an introspective person, too, and he appreciated hearing that there’s “someone else” who shares his thoughtful nature — especially a woman (no gender offense intended — it’s just that he’s married to a natural-born talker like me!) It touched us both. May God grant your heart’s desire to share “the well.”

    1. I’m married to a natural-born talker too. You all help bring a great deal of balance to our introverted tendencies (when we let you – lol). The world would probably be dull and boring if it were only filled with us. I’m surrounded by extroverts, so it’s always good to run across someone who just wants to process and be quiet, so I know the feeling. Lol! Thank you so much for your continued encouragement. Please tell your husband I said “hey”.

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