The Blessing – January 25

From time to time I will drop in to share how I am intentionally “blessing” my family this year.  You can read the intro here.

Jumping right in…..

Husband – I bless you with keen, sensitive ears to what God desires.  When you hear from him, you are moved to action.

Daughter – I bless you with hearing and knowing who you are and what your Father has designed for you to do.  May you lead without fear and the need to be validated by man.

Son – I bless you with a disciplined life that is filled with courage, creativity and obedience.


6 thoughts on “The Blessing – January 25

  1. Hi! I just noticed you visited my (old) blog! I haven’t posted anything in a while. Things got a little busy, and sadly, it just fell to the wayside. I love what you have here and what you have to say! Looking forward to “getting to know” yall!

    1. Girl, I was hoping you were still blogging. I need to know how things are going with the homeschool. I’m gearing up for that very thing. I’m sure you could be a great resource for me. Excited to get to know you too!!

  2. Things are going great! We’ve got a crazy set up going on over here– very eclectic. But at this age (5 1/2) I’m trying to keep things fun and stress free. Just enough structure, but just enough freedom… Finding balance is always the hard part!

    1. Oh, tell me more. I would love to hear about how you decided on a curriculum/method of teaching. I hear you on the fun and stress free. I can sense when I have gone too far with my daughter, and that is not a good feeling for either of us.

  3. Tamika, I love your intentional blessings… such an uplifting thing to do and share. I feel blessed (and motivated!) just from reading them. Thanks, kiddo!

    P.S. I loved how you put Curly Cutie’s birthday banner for your header on her special day! 🙂

    1. The principle of the blessing has captured me and will not let me go! I feel blessed after reading them too. About the header……so, I just learned that this theme allows you to feature a picture for any post. How about that? Reading is fundamental. Lol!

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