Sneak peek into Curly Cutie’s 4th birthday

It all started with this lovely fabric……..

I have a confession.  I LOVE BLACK & WHITE!!!  It drives me bananas!  In a good way of course.  And don’t add a pop of color in there…..I’m just done, you hear me?  So, please don’t be surprised if almost everything I put my hand to make has an element of black & white, black or white, black & color, white & color.  Like this gift.  I don’t know, but you have been told in advance the type of situation it is over here.  Lol.  One day I’ll have to share a deeper reason for my love of these colors.  For now, we’ll prepare to enjoy the role they played in making my daughter’s special day very pretty.  She had a great time!

Have any idea of how I used this fabric for Curly Cutie’s birthday?

4 thoughts on “Sneak peek into Curly Cutie’s 4th birthday

  1. Tamika, I’m soooo not a “crafty” person, I don’t have a clue. Placemats…? (First thought that came to my foodie mind.) 🙂 Will await you next post! I love black & white fabrics, too — with a shot of red — or yellow — or blaze orange, or lime green — black & white goes with everything!

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