Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 7.5)




Ok, so I couldn’t even wait with this one.  It is so interesting to see how CC’s mind is developing and processing information.  She often leaves me speechless.  Consider the following…..


We are in the clearance aisle at a store (You know that’s where I head to first).  Dad and I begin to smell something foul.  We turn to CC to see if she had any insight into the situation.

Dad:  Did you pass gas?
Cc:  No.
Me:  Was that you?
Cc:  No

(Dad and I look at each other a little confused because we knew it wasn’t us.  I mean, we were overcome so suddenly and our questions just about came out at the same time.  So, we keep things moving right along and really don’t think anything more about it.  When we arrive home, that same smell confronts us again.  The inquiry continues.)

Dad:  (straight to the point)  CC, did you pass gas in the store?
Cc:  Yes daddy I did.

(We did not make this into a huge situation folks.  We did take a moment to talk with her about the importance of telling the truth the first time.  It’s not like she was going to get in trouble for her “natural experience”.  We assured her of that.  I’m not exactly sure what was going through her mind, but she seemed to be taking in the info.  We did send her to “take a moment” just to think about what was discussed.  She is not always a fan of these times, but seems to benefit from them.)

Cc:  (crying while taking her moment)  Oh, please help me Lord!  I passed gas in TJ Maxx, I didn’t use my manners, and I told my daddy that I didn’t do it.  Oh, please help me Lord to tell the truth.  Please help me.

Dad & I:  Lol!  (She could not hear us.)
Me:  I told you she cries out to the Lord.  (I’ve told people this before, but I guess it’s a little hard to believe.  And every time she does this, she gets up in peace like the matter has been settled.)

(She returned after a few minutes, and we went on with the remainder of our evening.)

How do you handle situations when your child is not completely honest?


2 thoughts on “Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 7.5)

  1. Tamika, I don’t have an answer for your question — it’s been so long since my kids were at “that age” but it sounds like you handled it well. Giving them time to “think about it” is always good! By the way, my sister (who is visiting this weekend) and I sat down last night and read every one of your Conversations With Curly Cutie posts and laughed til our stomachs hurt! It was so much fun and she was AMAZED at Curly Cutie’s incredible views on life and her relationship with the Lord — we were blessed by both of you! 🙂

    1. Aww Kim, so glad you and your sister had a great time together! Child rearing has been quite an adventure for me. It will be interesting to see what my conversations will be like with the new baby.

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