Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 7)





Me:  What would you like for lunch?
Cc:  (with a smile) Peanut butter and jelly-and-honey sandwich..
Me:  You can only have one of the two.  (she knew what I was talking about).
Cc:  I’ll have peanut butter and the jelly with high fructose corn syrup please.
Me:  Lol!
Cc:  Lol!


Cc:  Mom, I was wondering……..can I play on the computer after I wash my hands?
Me:  Sure you can.
Cc:  Oh thanks mom.  Do you know you are such a good mommy?  You are my most favorite “chocolate mom”.
Me:  (smile)


Cc:  Mom, I finished my egg!
Me:  Good job baby!
Cc:  Can you move those sharp knives off the counter so I can put my plate up there?
Me:  They won’t cut you.
Cc:  But, they’ll jump off the counter and get me.
Me:  Lol, no they won’t.
(I start walking around trying to find my notebook)
Cc:  Hey mom, whatcha looking for?
Me:  My notebook.
Cc:  Why?  So you can put that on the blog?  Lol.
Me:  Lol!!


Cc:  Mom, would you like to get traded in for a new mom?
Me:  Why would I want to do that?
Cc:  Me and dad were thinking about trading each other in and it sounds like fun.
Me:  LOL!
Cc:  I thought you might want to do it too.
Me:  LOL!
Cc:  It will work when you stop laughing.
Me & cc:  LOL!

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2 thoughts on “Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 7)

  1. Curlie Cutie strikes again, lol!!! Tamika, that child is beyond her years (as if you didn’t know…) and we’re already looking forward to her “advice” on child rearing… 🙂 Keep that notebook handy!

    1. I bet she will have a lot to say once the baby gets here! I need to have a notebook attached to my person at all times. There is so much that I miss because I get distracted and forget to write things down. I’m sure I could’ve written a book by now.

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