A gift for “Curly Cutie”

I mentioned in my 7 month update that I was working on a surprise for my big girl.  I knew I wanted to do something special for her at the upcoming baby shower, but didn’t know what that would be.  Well, my dear friend mentioned something about a “big sister survival kit”.  Thanks Micrystal.  I thought that would be the perfect idea.

Curly Cutie is all excited about having a baby brother.  She is all about being prepared and ‘having her stuff together”. The child loves order, and will tell me very quickly when something is not “lining up”.  I don’t think I’ve seen administration come from one so pint-sized.  Lol!  I digress.

So, the big sister kit sounded wonderful and I began to brainstorm its contents.  Well, one idea led to another.  After all was said and done, I did end up making a survival kit.  However, it is for her doll and not her brother.  Since children like to mimic what they see us doing, I thought she would love to take care of her own baby while I care for our new baby.

Let me say, too, that I went to the internet for even more inspiration.  Boy did I find it!  There are some truly creative people in this world, and they love to share.  Don’t think I can begin to share my gratitude.  Yes I can.  A “shout-out”.  First up is Elizabeth over at Twelve crafts Till Christmas.  She is the reason I was able to make this……

diaper bag for doll

I followed her diaper bag tutorial to craft this fine specimen.  You go Elizabeth!  I wanted to put a little spin on it, so I added a fabric flower to the front pocket.  I learned how to make the flower from this tutorial from the creative Maize Hutton.  I did not use a fraying fabric though.

Every baby needs diapers.  Since we are trying our hand at cloth diapering, I knew CC’s bag would not be complete without a couple of them.  I slightly modified Jessica’s pattern from this tutorial over at Happy Together.  I came up with these little diapies…..

2 doll sized diapers, 4 cloth wipes w/holding case

Jessica, if you ever read this, I need to tell you how wonderful you are!  Your site is a regular for me.  Sorry I haven’t told you until now.  I look forward to making more things from your blog.

I did design the wipes and carrying case.  I had to find somewhere else to “throw in” that beautiful gold fabric.  I purchased about 1/2 yard of it from a garage sale for $0.25.  I was like, “This is beautiful, what is it…..VELVET?”  Lol!  (That was for all my CTA lovers).  I already had the button on hand.  I’m serious about my savings.  You know how I always say, “Use whatcha got”.  For those who cringe at that statement, how about…..”Utilize such things as ye have”?  Well, that may not be better….

Let us proceed with caution.  Lol.  I make myself laugh at times.  Next up…..burp cloth, bib, and baby sling for doll.

I did not use a pattern for these pieces.  The burp cloth and sling are just simple rectangles.  I did a search to find out how long the sling should be, and I just used some random measurements.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I saw them.  The burp cloth has the damask cotton print on one side, and is backed with a white chenille material.  Just lovely.  I won’t be able to try out the sling on CC until after she receives the present.  At that point, I may add a D-ring like you find on some regular sized baby slings.  We’ll see.  Note:  The bib and diapers were designed to fit a Baby Alive doll.  The bias binding around the bib was made from the same black fabric used for the diaper bag.  I learned to make bias binding from The Crafty Gemini’s youtube video.  I do not have a bias tape maker, so I used a hot iron to make my creases.

Last but not least is the blanket/changing pad combo.

I used a polka-dot cotton print for the changing pad side, and a soft white minky fabric for the blanket side.  CC is sure to love the different textures of these handmade items.  I enjoy them.  Again, no pattern was used for this.  I just used the remainder of the polka-dot fabric I had from making CC’s birthday dress back in July.

I already had the fabric on hand used to make all of these items.  I did have to replenish my white thread.  So, $2.79 + lots of love and energy is what I spent for this project.

inside epmty diaper bag
filled diaper bag
bag is ready to be presented to my sweetie at the shower

And for the complete collection…..

I’m so excited to give this to Curly Cutie.  I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it for her.

Let me know what you think.  Have you made anything you are especially proud of lately?


9 thoughts on “A gift for “Curly Cutie”

  1. Oh.My.Goodness! Mika, you did that! How gorgeous! I know she’ll love it (shoot, I’d love it if you gave it to me! LOL). You are too creative. Kudos to you, Mama.

    1. Thanks Ke! The husband told me I would be carrying that bag before long. I hollered. Girl, my creativity began and ended with me choosing the fabrics for each items. The rest was inspired by other amazing people.

  2. Tamika, I love the colors and fabrics you chose. What little girl (or big girl) wouldn’t love this?! I haven’t made anything lately — the joke in our family is that I’ve been making a pillow for my sister’s birthday… for 4 years now… 🙂 I admire people who have the needlework knack!

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