Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 6)


(while having a snack and participating in our first multiple family garage sale)

Cc:  Oh mom, these pistachios are soooo good!  I feel like they are stretching into my soul!
Me, Mallory & Carrie:  LOL!!!!


(CC crawls up into the bed with me around nap time)

Cc:  Oh mom, I just wanna lay by you.
Me:  ( as I rub her back) And why is that?
Cc:  You are just so salty mom.
Me:  Lol!


(doorbell rings)

Cc:  Dad, I can get the door for you.
Dad:  You go ahead and finish your lunch.
Cc:  Remember how I told you that “finish” is a pretty strong word?
Me:  Lol!


(I’m sure I had just given her some type of instruction.  I guess it was something she didn’t quite want to do at that moment.  I just can’t recall what it was.)

Cc:  mom, do you remember when you were a child and I was the adult……and I used to tell you what to do?
Me:  No, I don’t remember that.
Cc:  Well, yes you do because I told you you were supposed to say nice things to people.
Me:  Lol!


(we recently went for an evening walk.  On our way up the hill we saw the sun setting.  On our way back down the hill, the sun had gone down completely.)

Me:  Look, the sun is gone.
Cc:  Oh yeah, it is.
Me:  Do you know there’s this saying, “The sun rises in the East and sets in the West?”
Cc:  No.
Me:  Do you remember what day of creation God made the sun for the day and the moon for the night?
Cc:  Um…….yep I remember… was Juneteenth!  That’s when God made the sun.
Me:  LOL!!  Juneteenth!  That wasn’t quite the answer I was looking for.  Lol.
Cc:  Lol!

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4 thoughts on “Conversations with “curly cutie” (round 6)

  1. Tamika, you’ve started a “tradition” at our house. When I get home from work, I turn on my computer, start supper, and check my e-mail. On “Conversations With Curly Cutie” days, I read them (to myself) and can’t help but laugh uproariously, until my hubby finally calls out from the living room: “What’s so funny?!”

    I walk in and tell him (with a grin on my face): “It’s another ‘Conversation With Curly Cutie!'” Then HE starts to grin and listens intently while I “read aloud” your dialogue. We BOTH end up smiling and laughing over Curly Cutie’s antics (and your reactions) and it’s such a joyous start to our evening. Thank you from your “fans” in Oklahoma!

    1. Kim, I think I’ve run out of words for you my friend. You are just wonderful in every way! It warms my heart to know you and your husband can catch a smile from my talks with CC. I know what catches my attention and makes me laugh, and I just have to share. Even though several people look forward to “conversations”, not many of them leave comments. So, thanks for your continued support and encouragement. It helps keep me going!

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