I figured it was “high time” for an update.  What has been going on over here?  Let me see.

– Curl Cutie turned “4”!  I know, you probably thought she was turning “14”.  Not yet.

– I have not had a headache for almost a month.  Somebody say “glory”!  Kinda forgot about even having them.  I have been “losing weight and feeling great”.  Lol!  What commercial did that come from.?  I thought about it, so I had to use it.  Now, we all know there has not been any weight loss over here.  The baby is making sure that is not the case.

– I am 6 months pregnant now.  At my last appointment,  the scale was only reading three pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight.  I can understand why though.  Not much of an appetite at the beginning.  Even now that my appetite is back, I can should only eat a little bit at a time or my body starts to feel heavy and uncomfortable.  Do I always listen to my body?  Certainly not.  I have been sleeping with a body pillow for support.  Makes my nights so much easier.  I have also been trying not to drink any liquids close to bedtime.  A full bladder does not make for a good nights rest for me.

– I have not made much progress on my handmade baby items to-do-list.  I have officially completed two cloth wipes.  Lol!  Oh, I don’t think I told you guys we are cloth diapering this go ’round.  I was supposed to and never got around to the post.  Let my husband tell it, I have completely neglected this blog.  You are reading this post because of his encouragement.  So yeah, I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading about cloth diapering.  It has definitely made a “come back” folks.  I don’t think it ever really died, but information on the internet has taken the guess work out of this fine art.  Besides, cloth was used long before disposables hit the market.

So, there is still lots to get done, and time is standing still for no man.  Here is a brief list of other things I would like to work on before the baby arrives……Note: I’ll get done what I can get done and that’s that.  I still want to enjoy every day of this pregnancy and life as we know it, before EVERYTHING changes.  So, even if I only get two more wipes done……then I guess that will give me four wipes whereby I will cleanse the baby like he has never been cleansed before.  LOL!!!  Here’s to hope….

– some freezer cooking

-try my hand at a cloth diaper cover using PUL fabric with fold-over elastic.  I’ve already successfully made a fleece pocket diaper from a free pattern online.

-make: stash of cloth wipes, bibs, burp cloths, nursing cover, nursing pads, changing pad, wet/dry bag for cloth diapers, changing pad cover

-gather recipes for homemade baby food

-gather materials to be used with “curly cutie” this preschool year.

*Of course there is more, but this is all I’ll add for now.  Consider yourself slightly updated.


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