Conversations with “Curly Cutie” (round 4)


Cc:  Mom, this toothpaste is too grown for me.
Me:  What do you mean?
Cc:  It’s just too spicy, mom.  I don’t think I like it.
Me:  Lol.


Cc:  Oh mom, these fans are making it cold in here.
Me:  Are you cold?
Cc:  Yeah, because somebody put this heat on 77 and it’s freezing in here.  I don’t know why they did that.
Me:  Lol.


Cc:  Are you leaving dad?
Dad:  I’m on my way to the chiropractor.
Cc:  Is your back hurting?
Dad:  It’s a little sore.
Cc:  I think you’re just getting old.
Me & dad:  LOL!


Cc:  Mom, I’m not liking this water.
Me:  What’s wrong with it?
Cc:  It is too bland.
Me:  Lol.


Me:  We should go see our neighbor today.  Remember she wants us to meet her friend from Germany?
Cc:  Yeah, but not with those red toenails mom.  We’re not going anywhere with that.
Me:  Lol!  What?  What’s wrong with red polish on my toes?
Cc:  I just don’t like it.
Me:  Girl……

I’m definitely seeing this little personality come alive.  We are in a season where she is very aware of her desires and not afraid to express them.  We want to be able to provide direction without hindering her expressions.  I did think the “sass” kicked in at a later age.  Lol.  I am taking suggestions.  Lol!

2 thoughts on “Conversations with “Curly Cutie” (round 4)

  1. Delight and a good sense of humor help — you display both of those in abundance! When CC’s “sass” threatens to get the best of you, remember: it’s only a “moment.” Sometimes you just have to get through the moment! Be firm, be fair, be FUN.

    My “outspoken baby girl” turned 26 recently and my “strong-willed” son is almost 28. (!!!) Enjoy these precious days — they go SO fast. Also, keep your perspective on the “big picture” (which you’re already doing) and PLEASE keep writing these conversations down!

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