Converstions with “Curly Cutie” (round 3)




cc:  I’m just going to turn this fan on.
me:  Uh, I don’t think I want that on.
cc:  Well, I’m the one that’s hot.
me:  You can go into your own room and turn your own fan on.
cc:  Oh mom.


cc:  Can you take me to the play place in the mall?
me:  Why do you want to go there now?
cc:  I would like to play with someone that’s not myself.
me:  Lol, spoken like a true only child.  It won’t be like this too much longer.


me:  I’m getting ready to do your hair.
cc:  You don’t need my hair stuff mom.
me:  Hush girl and go get your stuff.
cc:  You know, I’m not really a “hushy” person.
me:  LOL!


cc:  Mommy, do you know I love you?
me:  Yes.  When did you start loving me?
cc:  A few months ago.
me:  Lol!  Did you love me before then?
cc:  No, but I love You NOW.  I-LOVE-YOU-NOWWWWW-MOMMY.
me:  LOL!!!  You are something else.

(later on that same day, I shared this with her dad.  She interrupts our conversation)

cc:  Mom, put that on the blog.  Trust me.  Put that on the blog!
me & dad:  LOL!!

I hope you all are enjoying these conversations as much as we do.  Where do they come up with this stuff?


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