Note to pain

Dear pain,

Don’t know if you are aware, but you are not welcome here.  You think you can just come in any form you please (nausea, headaches, aching whatever, etc.) and have your way with me?  You are sadly mistaken, and your notice is served today.  This may hurt you, but you are not my portion. So, keep it movin’.  I have no problem reminding you…

Ever heard of a miracle?  Well, yeah, that’s what my body is working on this very moment.  Children are a blessing from the Lord.  I don’t see why the process to get them here can’t be a blessing as well.  This will be a wonderful pregnancy.  As much as I know you want to take part in this experience……you have not been invited to this “negro spiritual”.

Lol!  This is supposed to be serious, and I’m up here laughing.

I thought you had gotten the picture.  I mean, with us just celebrating the death-burial-resurrection of Jesus and all.  You could not keep Him.  The grave could not hold Him.  He bore you in His body so mine wouldn’t have to.  I stand firm on that promise and will remind you as frequently as necessary.

Never yours…truly,


When have you had to tell pain to “go”?


6 thoughts on “Note to pain

  1. “Ever heard of a miracle? Well, yeah, that’s what my body is working on this very moment. Children are a blessing from the Lord.” I love that part! I have a blessing of my own, but my greatest season of “pain” was when I wanted her, but month after month, year after year, there was no miracle. I too rebuked that pain – and now, for nine years, my heart has been walking around outside my body in the form of a little girl to call my own. She is my miracle!

  2. Victoria thank you for sharing your incite. God told me over five years ago that he was going to give me another child. I had thought I would have a child not to long after I had my son nine years ago; but….God had different plans. After waking many night hearing God’s voice and direction. After questioning, reminding God, losing faith and hope. After taking having late cycles, having my husband feel my stomach and it’s only gas; after taking many pregancy test and hoping they were wrong. God finally revealed to me that he has the set time he wants to send Jael (read Judges 4&5). And that had he sent her now there are things I would not have gotten done for the Kingdom. So now I can finally celebrate without envy, hurt or anxiety. Because he promises are sure.

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