Conversations with “curly cutie”

Oh, the things children say.

From time to time, I’ll share conversations with my tiny tot (of 3.75 years).


cc:  Is it still in there?
Me:  Is what in where?
cc:  A baby in your belly?
Me:  Yes, it’s still in there.
cc:  I’m gonna have a brother and sister?
Me:  Brother OR sister.
cc:  No, they’re both in there all together.
Me:  (laughing)  Good night.


Me:  Let me see your fingernails.
cc: (holds up her hands)
Me:  It’s time for them to get cut.
cc:  See, that’s why I don’t like getting polish on my nails without a base-coat.


cc:  Mother (she’s been addressing me as such for about a month now), are you still feeling nauseous?
Me:  A little bit baby.
cc:  Well, when we get home you can lay down.
Me:  Oh, ok.
cc: (paused as if in deep thought)  But, I need you to cook……….a MEAL.
Me:  (laughed out loud)


cc:  I’m going over Tee-tee’s house, and she likes to feed me.  She gives me food, and it’s good for my emotions.
Me:  (laughed hysterically)


cc:  Mom, I had such a good nap.  Jesus was loving me so much.  Jesus loves me.
Me: What was Jesus doing while you were sleeping?
cc:  He was all in my heart.  He was just loving on me.  I had such a good nap.
Me:  That’s good baby.


17 thoughts on “Conversations with “curly cutie”

    1. Thanks so much for you kind words. I am always amazed by the things kids say. There is a pureness to them that is so beautiful. I’m trying to get back to the time when love was unconditional and given without reservation.

  1. Sorry, I had another note. Our kids are so precious because in a way they teach pure love. Its not romantic, its not sexual, its totally different. It’s altruistic and real. We would do anything for our kids…except let them take the car, stay out late, hang with the wrong crowd. Like my wife says(jokingly…I hope), I can always get another husband but my kids are with me for life.

  2. You are such a wonderful writer. If feel as if I’m there with you. Thanks for the love and laughter you are sharing with the world. By the way where did you get the silhouettes. They are so beautiful.

    1. Aww Saja, thank you. It’s funny because it’s hard to think of myself as a “writer”. I just really like talking/writing about things that move my heart. I’m so glad you are finding enjoyment in these pages. I actually made the silhouettes using pictures I had of us.

    1. You’re welcome Deb. She catches me “off guard” at times, and I don’t feel like I give the best responses. Sometimes, all I can do is laugh. I definitely wasn’t ready for that last one.

  3. Oh.My.Goodness. I must meet your little one. I’m pretty sure her and my mini tribe would have some interesting things to say collectively. I miss you, friend. Love you dearly.

      1. It’s always a family affair with me, but you know how I do…once you’ve made it into the inner circle, you move past “acquaintance” straight to family. I won’t be travelling with the whole tribe this time around, just me and the littlest one (he still flies FREE!). Hope I can see you!

      2. It would be an unjust situation if I did not see you! I’ll get further details soon. Thanks for agreeing with me. Your girl is feeling “mighty fine” today. He ALWAYS causes us to triumph. So I guess it doesn’t really matter how things look (or feel for that matter), huh?

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