My handwritten life

I wonder how many hours of my life I’ve spent writing about my life.  Hmmmmm.  It’s all in there.  My journals that is.  The highs. The lows.  The trials.  The triumphs.

collection of journals

I have always enjoyed the act of writing.  Before I learned how to write capital and lowercase letters, I remember writing a combination of lines and circles on lined paper.  Writing from left to right too.

Funny thing is, “curly cutie” is at that stage right now.  Her “paperwork” is all over the house.  That’s what she calls it, lol!  She has learned to write actual letters though.  I guess if she’s gonna get all that “paperwork” done on time she’ll have to use something she’s a bit more efficient at…….lines and circles.  Lol!

I’m not at all surprised that I have enjoyed journaling as much as I have.  It has proven to be a wonderful outlet.

I am not one to boast of a great memory, so my journals help me a great deal in that respect.  It makes no sense to forget the day I went to the dentist to get a tooth pulled.  They had me on that “laughing gas” while listening to classical music via headphones.  This day further proved to me the power of music.  Well, as the story is told, the entire dental office stood behind my chair as I put on one some-kinda show. My legs and arms were in the air and I was directing a choir.  Guess what song I was listening to at the time.  “When The Saints Go Marching In”.  In case you need a refresher.

I cannot express to you the fullness of joy my heart experienced  at that moment.  Lol!!!  Everybody in the office had a great time as well.

And for all those hearts in unbelief?

Pic taken and printed by dental office staff and given to me as a parting gift

I’ll just stop here.

Oh, wait, I forgot to introduce the newest family member.  I don’t name these things or anything, but isn’t she a beaut?

my pregnancy journal (is fair-trade and made in Nepal)

The hubs surprised me with it after he saw me writing on a yellow legal pad.  Hey, I use what I have.  My love language is not even “giving of gifts”, but this one sure made a deposit in my “love bank”.


80 thoughts on “My handwritten life

  1. That’s a pretty unique journal– I like it. I also LOVE journals. I’ve been journaling for awhile now and love to look back on journals from time to time to remember what I was doing at specific times. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I too have a massive collection of journals! In fact, I’ll come back with the link to a photo of my own pile–very important now, as I am writing a memoir about my recovery from bipolar disorder and am glad to have such a great record of events I might otherwise forget.

    Congrats on FP-ed! Hang on for the ride————


  3. That takes dedication! I’ve always wanted to be one who writes in journals. I’d get a new one and start writing, and a couple of weeks later I would just not have the will. It’s amazing how many journals you do have and how different they all are!

  4. Oh, how this entry made me laugh! Thanks for sharing that dentist’s office story, and the fabulous picture.

    I, too, am proud owner of a not-phenomenal memory. The journals I’ve written my life in since I was ten years old have helped me capture so many moments that would’ve been lost to me otherwise. I didn’t think I’d necessarily ever read through them, but did just that in the wake of my mom’s death. My teenaged ramblings about love–most especially my future marriage to Edward Scissorhands!–weren’t nearly so embarrassing to read as I’d always feared, and the good stuff? All those memories of my mom? They more than made up for plowing through the mortifying memories!

    Your entry’s helped me to start the day with a smile. Awesome!

  5. Your devotion to your journals is exemplary, I struck out of it, for I enjoyed typing more than picking up a pen. So, I do it on my laptop , may be I’m lazy, but who cares as long as I’m typing.

  6. That’s awesome. 🙂 And I also love to journal! I already have a whole shelf full of them – my husband sometimes wonders where we will put them if I keep going through them at this rate. 🙂 Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  7. I have a long history and mixed feelings about journaling but I love the journals, and your new one is beautiful. It just begs to be written in. Wonderful post and the story about the dentist made me laugh out loud. Much needed laughter on a rainy spring day…thanks!

  8. Hahaha! “Laughing Gas” for me is not a good thing. I didn’t think there was anything funny about seeing a circus on the ceiling of the dental office with pink elephants marching to the beat of a drum. That crazy experience made me throw up in my mother’s car! I was in elementary school at the time, but I’ve never breathed another ounce of laughing gas since that day.

  9. That is beautiful it looks like handmade paper what a great gift clearly the kind that is remembered fondly. Congrats on being pressed!

    1. Me too…I have 30 years worth…..LOTS. And favor now the simplicity of the composition book for .99 cents, covered in interesting papers. The photo, above, with the bamboo spine…gorgeous! Glad to find so many journalers out there! Thought I was the only one… ;(

  10. I enjoyed your post. I came to journaling late, but once I got started, I was hooked. I particularly like journaling about ways God has blessed my life. When I’m feeling stressed or down, reading about God’s goodness lifts my spirits and bolsters my faith. I think you are blessed with a wise and generous husband who “gets” you.

  11. There was a time in my life that I couldn’t write unless I had a yellow legal pad in front of me. My mind refused to think; the words refused to flow. But in 1999 I took a year off to travel and began journaling on a laptop. I’ve been at it ever since and rarely miss a day. Like yours, my journal has become my memory book. If I want to know what I was up to on April 14, 2002, all I have to do is open the document!

  12. I’ve always wanted to journal stuff. I’m not good with sticking to things. Blogging is different for me though, it’s a way just to let it all out. I admire people who can do loads of journals. Maybe I’ll try again 🙂

  13. I love your journals, and the fact you have faithfully recorded all your days… I have on several occasions tried to start journals… and then… I make a few entries and quickly lose interest. Don’t know what that says about me… probably nothing positive…lol.

  14. Makes me want to re-read my old journals – stopped ages ago but enjoying the blogging experience. The thought of re-living some forgotten memories is very tempting: but not sure I can get past the cringe-making stuff!

  15. I too love journalling. I have had several over the years, and have moved from fancy ones to Comp books and spiral notebooks, which I think is because they allow me to write more. My journalling now is rather spiritual in nature, and I do it every morning after my prayers. The amazing thing is when I go back later to read them, I cannot believe some of the things I wrote. I think, “I wrote that?…makes me feel like some big time writer.
    Congratulations on being freshly pressed. It is a wonderful article…very well written.

  16. I spy a Clairefontaine journal in there! I love their paper – found my first one in Italy while travelling over a decade ago and bought some new ones about two months ago… Lots of other journals came in between, of course, and I, like you, have a PILE of them! Happy journaling and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  17. What makes us blog about our journals? I have a post dedicated to mine as well, as did some commenters above. The thing is, we love writing so much, that we have to write about writing. In my journals, I’m usually writing about writing. Does that make me now writing about writing about writing?

  18. That last journal is gorgeous!
    I have a notebook addiction, though I don’t journal often.

    (I hope that worked!)

    That’s my favorite journal that I own, but I find that I only have the urge to sit and write in a journal when things are going absolutely awfully, or unbelievably well.

    Generally, I just buy notebooks for actual writing – poetry, stories, or what have you. But then I put them in a box and write on cheap paper, because I find the notebooks too pretty to write in.

    Obviously, I have a teensy bit of a problem =P

    I give you major props for writing like that though, I think it takes a lot of will to write things in the same notebook, instead of just whatever’s nearby.


  19. I’ve journaled since I was seven. Back then, I was content stapling paper together, drawing on the “cover” and writing my feelings. 🙂 As ron abbass said, it definitely is a great memory bank. Hindsight is at it’s peak when you peek through your journal pages.

    I’ve grappled with the idea of switching from a written journal to an electronic one (e.g. journaling via Evernote). Similar to dilemmas shared by readers (paperback or eReader?). What do my fellow personal writers think?

  20. Wow! That stuff had you going good, didn’t it? Never tried it myself. I don’t even like the slight headiness I get from just a shot! And they don’t even give me novacaine because it makes me feel all “weird.”

    I have kept journals since I was very young — teenage years. I also have a stack in my closet. Some are not even full, though, because many times in between moves I would misplace the current one. I started my daughter on journal writing when she was pre-teen because I remembered how important it was to me to be able to express all those jumbled up feelings I had throughout my teenage years. I think it’s a good idea for everyone and anyone. 🙂

  21. I am glad I’m not the only one with a hundred journals filled with nonsense (and some important things). I never, ever hope that the world will face a MEGA-disaster, BUT if it does happen, I like to think that someone will find my journals and think, “wow, this person existed!” I also like to look back and see how I’ve changed from a 13 year old, to an 18 year old, then on to 24! Great post, and I think it’s so funny that your dental office took a picture of you!

  22. One of my favourite things in life is coming across old handwritten journals full of notes and drawings… thanks for sharing. Ollie Doherty

  23. WOW! What I could equate to this feat is may 1998 to present list of my menstrual cycle! Does this count? Nah! Lol! 🙂 Congratulations on beaing FPed! 🙂

  24. i love writing too. I love journals, I love to write and to read journal. Somehow, I have stopped writing it, myself. I don’t why..

    this article reminds me a lot of the person I used to be..

    anyway, i like your article..:)

  25. I’m trying to imagine somebody at the dentist conducting (I confess I sometimes walk down the road conducting and I get a few odd looks, being as I am only 15! lol), but I just can’t. Wow. That must have been an interesting afternoon for them ….

  26. i love writing and only joined wordpress yesterday been writing for 25 years noted as i get older my uni days 300 word poems about no war and mysticism change to 3 line minimalist that say the same thing

    i shoud keep a journal of my inspiration looking back would be useful and sending my joural forward even better

  27. That’s so impressive, what a perfect way to document and remember your life. I’ve always wished I’d kept more journals over the years. I have about half a dozen lying around, but they all fizzled out pretty quickly!

  28. Your story about conducting a choir while on laughing gas in the dentist’s chair is hilarious, and it is priceless that they took a pic of you! So very funny! Thanks for sharing this. What a great story.

  29. Haha, you just made me laugh! What a great memory from the dentist and what a precious pile of memories you hold in your journals. Well done to you.

  30. There’s just something about all those journals. It’s so fun to look back and see how worn and “loved” they are. For some reason, there’s nothing like a good, quality notebook to write all your life stories in…Have you considered writing a memoir? That would be a cool way of collaborating all of your beautiful stories!

    God bless,
    Taylor Beisler

    Isaiah 40:26-31

  31. Luv your blog girl!!!! It makes me fel good to see you doing this. Maybe I’ll follo in your footsteps soon!

  32. I always wanted to write personal journals, but I start and then give up. Not that I don’t write, because I do, but I’m happier writing fiction even if I’m still struggling with getting published. You were speaking about childhood writing and it sparked a memory. I’m the second oldest of 12 and, during the summer, some of us would get together and write a family newspaper. Most of the time it was silly things like who was using the most toilet paper, although I believe we titled it “The Case of the Missing Toilet Paper.” By the way, I like your notebook picture. I jot on all different things and have random notebooks all of the place. My latest handbag was purchased specifically because I can fit a notebook in it.

  33. Journals are something you and your family,friends and others can look back upon it is a microcosm a moment of life the reality and thoughts of a moment of the parade of our lives.

  34. So nice to know there’s a fellow journal addict in the world (lots more, in fact, from the comments) I recognize one my journals in your pile, too. The one at the bottom. That was a great journal. Congrats on being freshly pressed and thanks for the Louis Armstrong link.

  35. What a great post! I’m always eager to come across other people who share a love of writing, and I’ve always thought that journals are priceless records of our lives. I have filled quite a few myself. Your latest is so unique! Thanks for sharing, and happy writing! 🙂

  36. Hi, I luved your post. I have an impressive collection of journals as well…I just buy one every once in a while when I encounter a nice one- ‘cuz I am certain that I will write in it some day. I started to keep a journal when I was eight and got a journal for my Holy Communion and never looked back. It’s still one of my most priced possessions! Keep up the good work.

  37. I remember as a kid, before I learned to read and write, I used to sit and write something that in my memory, was similar to cursive ‘e’s’ on the page, and then hand it to my maternal grandfather, in that house back on Avenue P, in Huntsville, Texas, and he would somehow read it to me!

    Amazing thing!

  38. What a wonderful post about the power of both the written word and music. I, too, have spent many a days pouring words out and then scouring over them, again, later! Good luck with your new journal – I’m sure it will be filled with wonderful memories.

  39. So awesome! I have this bitter-sweetness about writing life down, I don’t mind it at all but I would consider myself sort of a nomad and I am always trying to “save space” throw away, or not gather things that would slow me down if I had to just up and leave. Now it hasn’t stopped me from writing. Although I do not write every day. I usually have to tell myself ” You know you should write this down.” Anyways, Enjoy that beautiful new journal.

  40. I love writing journals! I’ve challenged myself to write at least two sentences every day for the entire year, so there’s not one day that’s empty. So far I haven’t fallen behind.

  41. I too have a huge collection of diaries…they don’t even fit neatly in a box under the bed anymore! I love flicking through them and reading things that I’d forgotten. But I haven’t kept a diary for a while – I now use photography instead.

  42. That would be neat to go back & read things that happened in your life. Wish I could have had my blog back then. Never really thought of writing in journals growing up, but I love this blogging thing. All I have to go back on (because my mom saved everything) is all the little love letters that girls gave to me during school. Those are real funny to get out every now & then!

  43. Nice and love your blog. I do not like writing but I too started writing not long ago because I wanted to remember with I did with my kids everyday as I sometimes forget what happens. lol

  44. I seem to remember somewhere that people that write journals are better off emotionally, psychologically, and mentally. I wish I could remember where I read that. Anyway, Thanks. Your commentators certainly verifythe usefulnes of writing journals.

  45. I have a long history and mixed feelings about journaling but I love the journals, and your new one is beautiful. It just begs to be written in. Wonderful post and the story about the dentist made me laugh out loud. Much needed laughter on a rainy spring day…thanks!

  46. I have an obsession with journals! I usually fill them about 2/3 of the way and then get a new one because I love them so much.

  47. I collected everything I’d ever written (since before I could even write) and put it into a bag. I believed it would be safe from being discarded.

    Yet, when I returned after my first year at University I found nothing but an empty bag. It was crushing, having all my thoughts and feelings lost to the garbage heap…

    There are moments that I’ll never know again…

    I’m still haunted by it.

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