About this blog

1.  This blog is a virtual extension of what I have been doing for years……….journaling.  See My handwritten life.  This is cool because I can add pictures unlike my handwritten journals.

Speaking of pictures, those that I post on this blog are my own unless otherwise specified.  I could definitely use a lesson or two or one hundred on the art of taking pictures.  I don’t know how to for real use my camera (you know other than the basic point and click).  It’s not all fancy-shmancy either.  Just a good ol’ Sony Cybershot.

2.  This blog is an invitation to part of my heart.  To live again.  See The Great Shut-down.

3.  This blog is about my journey with Jesus.  You are liable to find anything in these pages.  He cares about it all.  From my “couponing ways” and “crafty days” to the times where I just sit at his feet.  In the words of my dear friend Sara Groves, from her song Conversations (she doesn’t know we’re friends yet though)……..

We’ve had every conversation in the world
About what is right and what has all gone bad,
But have I mentioned to you that this is all I am,
This is all that I have.


Somewhere somehow this subject became taboo.
I have no other way to communicate to you.
This is all that I am.
This is all that I have.


The only thing that isn’t meaningless to me
Is Jesus Christ and the way he set me free.
This is all that I have. This is all that I am.

And for those of the audio/visual persuasion….


I know that talking like this does not thrust me into the category of the “accepted” in this world.  Good thing is, I don’t live for man’s approval anymore (honestly, sometimes it’s still a struggle, but it’s my goal nonetheless).  I have been joined with the One that has captured my affections, and His approval alone is what my heart longs for.

I’m disturbed by the fact that many-a-heart have been wounded by things done in the name of God/Jesus that had no origin in Them.  I’ve done some of the wounding.  We are all broken people that mess things up at times.  If you have been wounded, I pray that you begin to “feel” again.  There is a love that goes deeper than anything I’ve ever known.  I’ve tried many other things that do not satisfy.  Trust Jesus.



6 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Hi there — I stumbled across your blog on the “Freshly Pressed” section of WordPress, and I really enjoyed your writing! I am also a Christian, trying to aspire to God’s vision for my life. I’d love to follow your blog, and if you don’t mind, I plan to add it to my blog reader. Feel free to check out mine as well — no obligation, of course: http://awtrey.wordpress.com/

  2. Oh – I feel like I just stumbled upon a treasure! Kudos to Word Press for promoting you! I read your words and I hear my own heartbeat in them. I guess community can be found anywhere! Blessings!

  3. I agree with Victoria, kudos to WordPress for freshly- pressing your blog. I figured mine would never see the light of the FP page because it’s so “Jesus-freaky”. Well, stop by mine sometime when your traffic slows down. Keep clicking away for Him. Gloris

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